Thursday, October 29, 2009


First up in wildlife news today, a Manatee that had traveled as far north as Connecticut was rescued and returned to Florida for rehabilitation; and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has had a busy time with wildlife lately, as the next article shows. A deer in the road was blamed for a freeway crash in Ohio; and an ATV driver in Indiana was hospitalized following a collision with a deer. Police in Northern Ireland are investigating the deaths of two deer at the hands of a poacher; while an article from Wisconsin points out another negative aspect of an overabundance of deer: soil erosion from deer trails. Deer hunters in Minnesota are being asked to donate deer hides to help fund programs within that state; and a community elsewhere in that state is closing a local park to allow a deer hunt that will keep the environment balanced. Residents of a community in New York state voiced overwhelming support for a deer hunt within the city limits; but a Florida law enforcement officer was forced to shoot a badly injured deer that had apparently been struck by a car. Massachusetts wildlife officials offered some advice on making coyotes feel "uncomfortable"; while a coyote attack on a pet was reported in Alberta, Canada. Wildlife biologists are still coming to grips with the unprecedented fatal attack by coyotes on a Canadian singer yesterday; but a wildlife biologist on Prince Edward Island has assured residents and visitors alike that another such incident would not occur in their area because coyotes are hunted and, therefore, wary of people. A coyote was spotted attacking a puppy in a Massachusetts community; and homeowners in a New York state community have seen coyotes in a nearby park. A trail camera in Minnesota captured several photos of a feline passing by; but residents of a Minnesota community are on edge following reports of a cougar prowling the area. Residents of a community in British Columbia, Canada, have lodged a trio of cougar sightings within the past month; while a resident of Tacoma, Washington, found a cougar prowling around on his roof! A region of Colorado closed to mountain lion hunting since 2004 will be reopened to hunters in November. A summary of rabies cases in one South Carolina county is provided by the next item; meanwhile, Massachusetts wildlife officials will be deploying raccoon baits impregnated with rabies vaccine in the Cape Cod area. Tacoma, Washington, wildlife officials are warning residents not to feed raccoons, something which is becoming a problem in a local park. Wildlife biologists recount the family tree of a bear shot in Wyoming in the next article; but four fishermen were mauled to death by a bear in India. A wildlife sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, released a pair of fledgling bald eagles back into the wild yesterday. And finally, our last article explores wildlife on California's Stanford University campus (no, not the frat houses!)

Saved! Wayward Manatee Rescued in NJ

Inside the Conservancy Wildlife Clinic: Good calls, bad calls make for mixed week

Deer Blamed For Freeway Crash

ATV Injury Involves Deer

Dead deer seized in poacher probe

Hixon Hunt

Donate your deer hides to good cause

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Three Rivers closes for deer hunts

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Coyote attacks Canmore family's pet

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Coyote attack rare: wildlife biologist

Coyote attacks and kills puppy

More coyotes seen lurking in Ewen Park

Lanesboro man's trail camera might have captured a cougar

DNR can't confirm cougar is in area, but some area residents are worried

Third cougar sighting in three weeks

Cougar spotted in Tacoma's south end

Mountain Lion Hunting Reopened In Research Area

Oconee County flagged with its 6th rabies case this year

Baited cubes target rabies on Cape

Feeding raccoons at Point Defiance Park causes invasion

Grizzly shot in Northwest Wyoming was cub of famed bear

Four killed in bear attack in Madhya Pradesh

Bald Eagles released at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Stanford: Where the Wild Things Are

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