Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wildlife advocates plan to protest trapping practices in Maine, as our first wildlife story today explains. Gray wolves in Michigan and Wisconsin have been put back on the Endangered Species list after successful lobbying by several groups; but technology may be coming to the rescue of wolves (and incidentally, livestock) in Idaho. A followup to yesterday's article about a motorcycle colliding with a deer provides insight from an Iowa state trooper on deer-auto collisions; while a Fort Wayne, Indiana, man whose motorcycle collided with a deer last week has died from his injuries. A deer in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who had been very congenial with humans apparently died of stress from being enclosed with other deer by wildlife authorities. There may be a lion in a cemetery in Oregon's capital; and a cougar was seen and photographed by a reporter on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. A bald eagle that may have been 25 years old has died at a Kentucky wildlife center; but, citing the 'repercussions' of an unchecked coyote population increase, New Jersey is adding coyotes to the species that can be hunted in that state. An intruder garbed in a raccoon coat and wearing a mask was caught in the act of raiding a cat food supply in a Texas community. The plight of the polar bears is being discussed at a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, today. A nature trail in Utah was temporarily closed yesterday due to a bear sighting; and a black bear was seen in a South Carolina county. A black bear wandered into a New Jersey neighborhood yesterday; while a black bear who had broken into a Wisconsin woman's house on the weekend reappeared outside the home and knocked her to the ground. And finally, a very old bear celebrated his 65th birthday!

Wildlife Alliance plans plover predator protest

Gray wolves get federal protection again

Fencing, Bright Lights and Loud Noises Keep Wolves at Bay in ID

Deer Auto Collisions on the Rise

Deer crash injuries fatal for motorcyclist

Carmel, the 'friendly deer,' dies

Cougar may be prowling S. Salem

Cougar spotted near Puntledge River

Bald eagle at Kentucky center dies

Coyote legal to hunt on public land in Hillsborough

Furry intruder ‘caught in the act’

Polar bear specialist meeting started today

Bear sighting temporarily closes Bridal Veil Falls area

Young bear spotted, vanishes in Lexington County

Authorities remove black bear from Wayne neighborhood

Bear knocks woman down

Happy 65th Birthday, Smokey Bear!

Monday, June 29, 2009


A Wisconsin zoo finally received their long-awaited cougar cub, an orphan from Oregon who would have been euthanized if a zoo hadn't taken it within 48 hours. Scottish donors are providing golden eagle chicks to Irish naturalists trying to reestablish the birds in Ireland. Red-tailed hawks and a New Jersey organization called The Raptor Trust are profiled in the next article; but protective Swainson's hawks are making life miserable for residents of one Boise, Idaho, neighborhood. A doctor from New Zealand discusses the use of possum blood to culture flu viruses. The true identity of a canine in a case from Gloucester, Massachusetts, still haunts an animal control officer; and a columnist discusses wolves in the Seattle area. One of the major topics on the agenda at the Ninth Annual Quality Deer Management Association Convention and Whitetail Expo, taking place on July 23-26 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, will be the coyote impact on deer herds across the US. Two stories from Iowa about motorcyclists who ended up in the hospital after encounters with deer in that state. With hundreds of black bears killed on a busy Florida highway, volunteers are hoping a "scenic byway" project will help protect bears in the area. A black bear snoozing in a tree in Billings, Montana, was safely relocated to the wilderness; but a semi apparently struck and killed a small black bear in North Carolina; while a pair of bears feeding off of human handouts and trash are becoming a problem elsewhere in that state. An Idaho hunter was attacked by a grizzly sow protecting a pair of cubs over the weekend; while a bear with a sweet tooth raided a San Bernardino, California, family's house to get at some chocolates (fortunately, it didn't manage to open the bottle of champagne). Our next item from Kansas City, Missouri, sounds like the title of a horror flick rather than a wildlife story! A columnist from California comments on orphaned wildlife as pets, particularly raccoons; while a Canadian raccoon provided quite a spectacle in Toronto, Ontario, over the weekend. And finally, a story about a baby raccoon who got into a real pickle of a situation in Michigan!

NEW Zoo welcomes orphaned cougar cub

Boost for plan to re-introduce golden eagles to Ireland

Hawks: Strength And Beauty

Hawks diving at people in Boise

Possums used in test for flu

Dog officer questions canine case closure

Woof, woof, wolf, wolf

Coyotes thinning deer population

Motorcyclist collides with deer

Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Swerving to Avoid Deer

Bear byway has natural appeal

Bear in Billings

Bear killed on I-85 in Orange County

2 black bears in Dare Co. too accustomed to humans

Idaho Falls Man Attacked by a Mother Grizzly Bear While Hunting in Island Park

Bear skips veggies for chocolate in Calif. home

Attack of the giant raccoons!

Gary Bogue: Raccoons do NOT make good pets

Raccoon's high-wire act

Baby Raccoon Gets Into a 'Pickle'

Saturday, June 27, 2009


A Southern California community is debating whether new housing developments are interfering with wildlife travel, in our first wildlife story today. Detailed information comes to us from Colorado in regards to coyote biology, feeding, and hazing; and a warning went out to pet-owners in one Washington community about coyotes snatching pets in the area this week. A pair of North Dakota men are in trouble with the law for dealing in bald eagle parts. Some important tips on avoiding deer collisions with cars on the road is provided by Allstate Insurance in California; while a lottery is being held in Ohio for hunters who wish to help cull the whitetail deer herds within that state. A preserve for some of India's hog deer is being established in one of their national parks; but researchers are conducting a study to determine how much damage whitetail deer are doing to the ecosystem in Illinois. Law enforcement officers, citing safety concerns, were forced to shoot and kill a black bear at a park in Wisconsin; while a young bear, possibly the offspring of an adult captured in the same Pennsylvania neighborhood earlier this month, was caught wandering through a yard. Bears at an Alaska visitor's center are providing a show for tourists, something which officials wish to discourage; followed by an Op-Ed from New Jersey that offers some suggestions on deterring bears intent on dumpster diving for dinner. A bear has been spotted in Durham, North Carolina, repeatedly over the past couple of days; and Virginians are being advised about not feeding any of the 12,000 bears that frequent that state. Followup on an article from Tennessee this week about an aggressive black bear is provided by the next article. Wildlife biologists are encouraged by the discovery of ten lynx kittens in Colorado, a state that has had to import lynx to repopulate the area; and an article from British Columbia, Canada, provides some background material on cougars, following the attack on a local toddler. A pair of articles from Payson, Arizona, highlight wildlife in the area; but a public safety warning about rabid wildlife was issued to residents of a Florida community. And finally, last week it was raccoons in a Pepsi machine, this week: a baby possum!

Advocate says T.O. development blocks coyotes from hills

Coyote activity to increase with new pups

Coyote snatches small dog in Snohomish Co

Man pleads guilty to killing selling bald eagle

How To Avoid Deer Vehicle Collisions - Steps to take to keep safe

Bow-hunt lottery to curtail deer

Natural habitat for hog deer in Corbett National Park

Study underway to measure deer damage to Lake County savannas

Police shoot, kill black bear in La Crosse park

Baby bear caught in North Union

Juneau center draws bears as well as humans

We must learn to live with bears

Bear sighted multiple times in Durham

Bears Avoid Humans; Attracted To Food

Wildlife officer shoots black bear in Sequatchie

Litter of lynx kittens heartens Colo. biologists

Urban Critter: Cougar

Mountain lion spotted in Hunter Creek area

Bears, javelina make unwanted visits to residents

Rabies alert covers Orange Park 32073 zip code

Baby possum rescued from Court Jester soda machine

Friday, June 26, 2009


A debate over how a horse was killed in Georgia is first up in wildlife news today; followed by an in-depth review of felines in Georgia. An Oregon teen had a close encounter of the cougar kind on a trail. The battle between fishermen and increasingly aggressive dolphins is worsening off the Florida coast. The wildlife sanctuary at Healesville in Victoria, Australia, is putting on a special bushfire program where visitors can talk with some of the heroic vets who dealt with overwhelming numbers of burned wildlife following the Black Saturday bushfires. A black bear that visited a Denver, Colorado, suburb was tranquilized and returned to the wild today; but one in Tennessee wasn't so fortunate. A popular bike trail in Alaska reopened after brown bear activity in the vicinity declined; and talk about a bear of a procedure: a Malayan Sun Bear at a Florida zoo needed a root canal! A black bear that had been treed in a Colorado town was tranquilized and relocated; and here's something you don't often see: bear chases boat! Florida Fish and Wildlife officials released a wayward black bear back into the wildlands of Northern Florida; but an Oregon woman who created a nuisance by feeding bears on her property has been told by the court that she has to move. A comparison of raccoons' lifestyle around people versus in the wild is up next. Good Samaritans, trying to help orphaned and injured wildlife, run the risk of exposure to rabies, as the next story from New York shows; while a pair of rabid raccoons were identified in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. With 19 confirmed rabies cases in Montana, a quarantine for Yellowstone County has been extended; and North Carolina has the dubious honor of being ranked among the top five states in the US for rabies cases among wildlife. Debate over the toxicity of venison from deer taken at an ammunition plant continues in Wisconsin; and pieces of a side-view mirror struck a man after his car collided with a deer. An amazing story of the birth of a fawn after the doe was struck by a truck in South Carolina is conveyed by the next article; but a California town is having a brisk debate over deer hunting in the area; and the debate over what to do with a deer is underway in Pakistan. The coyote population is increasing in one Massachusetts community; an Op-Ed piece from Denver waxes philosophically about coyotes in a Colorado neighborhood; but residents of an Ohio community are worried about an influx of coyotes into their area. The battle over Canadian geese droppings in a Maine park is causing a stink; while Wisconsin's success story in regards to bald eagle repopulation is explored in the next article. And finally, Ty Bonnar of Flexible Alternatives sent along a story about a flaming hawk in Ventura County, California, who had struck a power line, starting a small wildfire.

Did a lion kill a horse? Experts say it’s unlikely

Kammermeyer: Is there really a lion roaming in North Hall?

Teen reports cougar sighting on NE Bend trail

Make my day, Flipper: Pesky dolphins under siege

Learn About Handling Animal Emergencies This Summer at Healesville Sanctuary

Highlands Ranch Bear Tranquilized, Removed

TWRA Kills Bear in Dunlap

Girdwood bike trail reopens after bear activity subsides

Metrozoo bear gets root canal

DOW Tranquilizes Bear in Tree at Kelly Johnson and Academy Blvd.

Rangers not fazed by Lopez Lake bear scare

Elusive Wellington black bear released to new home

Convicted Bear Feeder Learns Sentence

Raccoons are all too good at living near human beings

First area rabies case of year confirmed in Arkwright

Rabid raccoons found in Greenbrier County

County officials extend rabies quarantine

N.C. is among top 5 in rabies

Are deer shot at Badger ammo plant safe to eat?

Rome man injured in accident with deer

The Deer Who Was Never Born - Lives

More study needed for deer plans

Hog deer caught in Ravi

Coyotes multiplying

Johnson: Howling at hazing of coyotes

Coyotes Causing Concerns

Litchfield geese gain reprieve on northern relocation

Bald eagle sightings soaring

Small brush fire contained in Ventura County

Thursday, June 25, 2009


A tale of heroic dogs who faced off against a cougar in Oregon's wilderness is recounted by our first wildlife story today; followed by one in which residents of Dunsmuir in Northern California reported a cougar in the neighborhood yesterday. A Central California town was visited by a cougar who killed a deer; and a cougar was reported yesterday in Napa County as well. A couple of stories from Down Under: taking its place alongside an oral rabies vaccine, an oral tuberculosis vaccine for possums has been developed in New Zealand; but this next article about wallabies in Australia could give you a new perspective on the cause of mysterious crop circles! A Canadian study on coyotes postulates that an attraction to human garbage could be desensitizing them to people; while residents of Cincinnati, Ohio, are complaining about coyotes howling in the suburbs. Residents of Orange County, Florida, are reporting more coyote sightings than in the past. Rhode Island has seen an uptick in the deer tick population of 54%; followed by the story about a man who was hospitalized after having a deer, which was hit by another car, come crashing through his windshield near Potsdam, New York. Two people were injured in an SUV crash resulting from a deer in a Tennessee road; while another case of a helmetless motorcyclist hitting a deer, this time in Indiana, has put the driver in the hospital with serious head injuries. A look at deer hunting restrictions in New York's Catskills is provided in the next item. The mother of a bear cub hit by a motorist in Wisconsin is under observation by wildlife officials; and a number of sightings of black bears in New York's Hudson Valley region have produced a collection of photos as well. Reports of a yearling bear cub, probably just cut loose by its mother, surfaced in a North Carolina community; but another sighting prompted authorities to provide pointers on how to deal with bears in that state. One Indiana town is grappling with a raccoon infestation; while a battle of wits between man and raccoon is being waged in Madison, Wisconsin; and an Ontario, Canada, woman is outraged that eight baby raccoons she turned over to wildlife authorities were euthanized. And finally, be careful how you shoo wildlife away - tossing fireworks at them is not a good choice, as a resident of Washington state found out!

Hero dogs ... save couple in cougar attack

Dunsmuir man reports presence of mountain lion

Deer killed by lion in southwest Morgan Hill

Mountain lion sighted in Carneros

Oral TB vaccine for possums created

Stoned wallabies make Australian crop circles

Consuming human garbage could lead to bolder coyotes: study

Coyote presence unnerves some Ohio residents, especially when the animals howl

Coyote Sightings Becoming More Frequent

RI's deer tick population explodes

NY man hurt when deer smashes through windshield

2 injured after deer causes wreck

Harley rider badly hurt after deer hit on I-469

Deer hunters suffer reversal of fortune

Bear Hit and Killed by Car Along Highway 52 in Wausau

READER PHOTOS: New bear sightings around the Hudson Valley region

Black bear cub roams in Belvedere

Family spots black bear in back yard

Town has raccoon problems

Moe: A friend fights raccoon droppings with a product all his own

Eight raccoons destroyed after being removed from Cameron home

Woman Chasing Raccoon Sets Off Brush Fire

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wildlife News Of The Day leads off with a story about a wildlife rehabilitation center in Kentucky; followed by a trio of deer collision articles: a motorcyclist was injured in Indiana when he struck a deer in the road; another in Minnesota also took a spill; and a motorist was ejected from his car when it struck a deer in Kansas. In a bit of a turnabout, residents of Helena, Montana, are being warned to protect their dogs from deer! Deer poachers near Bakersfield, California, were apprehended by Sheriff's deputies after killing a doe; while Eld's deer and a preserve in China that protects them are showcased in the next item. Wisconsin wildlife officials are discussing gray wolf numbers and the possibility of authorizing hunts as the population increases. Indiana residents are being advised about coyotes in the neighborhood; and residents of one British Columbia community are worried about an aggressive coyote who tried to attack a two-year-old child. A bear being sought by wildlife officials in Florida was finally apprehended and returned to the wild. Patients at an Ohio dialysis center received a bit of a shock when a bear ambled through the parking lot; but at least that turned out better than an incident recalled by a long-time resident of Georgia: the shooting of a bear years ago that infuriated neighbors. Dwellers in bear country, residents of Jackson County, Wyoming, will be getting an updated set of regulations to help mitigate problems with bruins in the area; and the second predator killed on an Idaho highway in two weeks was a male black bear. Northeastern Ohio has seen a spike in rabies cases; but an unvaccinated dog had to be put down after being bitten by a rabid raccoon in Maine. A Southern California resident provides some advice and background material on cougars in the area; while a cougar that attacked a dog in Central California may have been spotted as much as a year ago. A cougar got within 30 feet of a resident of Utah before the man was able to slip inside his house; and a cougar was spotted in a Wyoming community park on Monday. The report of a cougar near a Port Alberni, British Columbia, school put Canadian officials on full alert; but wildlife officials in Maine are intrigued by the report of a cougar (there have been only two confirmed cougar sightings in the state). A cougar who had lost its fear of people was euthanized by wildlife officials in Alberta, Canada. A rehabilitated eagle released back into the wild appears to be enjoying the single life; followed by the observations of a birder describing bird-watching opportunities in New Hampshire. And finally, an eagle in Washington state had a bit of a problem making off with it's prey - a plastic rooster!

Wildlife population aided by rehabilitation operation

Motorcyclist Injured In A Crash Involving A Deer

Motorcyclist seriously hurt after hitting deer near Brookston

Man ejected swerving for deer

Deer have killed two dogs, injured several others in Helena

Tehachapi residents angry over deer poaching

Mission to preserve deer life

DNR Board Updated on Wolf Management in Wisconsin

Coyote sightings common, animal control officer says

Mary Hill coyote not afraid of people

Elusive Bear Caught In Wellington

Bear spotted near Springboro clinic

Bear sightings didn't always end happily

County prepares for new bear standards

Black bear killed on highway

Rabies Containment in Trumbull County

BENTON Rabid raccoon bites unvaccinated dog

What would you do if you saw a mountain lion?

Mountain lion roams Thermalito

Mountain lions spotted in Solamere, The Colony

Man reports seeing mountain lion in city park

Mountain Lion In Winslow? Maybe

Port Alberni Cougar Search Ends

Waterton park officials shoot bold cougar

Rehabilitated eagle remains single

Birdwatching locations in New Hampshire: hawks at Blue Job Mountain

Eagle Eyed? Misguided Bird Leaves Illahee Empty-Handed

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


An ancient elephant fossil discovered in Java, Indonesia, is being painstakingly reconstructed, in our first wildlife story today. Red pandas in a North Dakota zoo have produced triplets, helping to boost the dwindling population of this rare animal; while a sea lion pup who became stranded in the center divider of a San Francisco, California, freeway caused quite a stir. As Japan and others lobby hard for a resumption of commercial whaling, the commission charged with protecting these animals faces the prospect of a split within the ranks; but a timer has been developed to help prevent sea turtles from drowning when they get entangled in fishing trawler nets. A decided up-tick in rabies cases has Nebraska officials concerned. Residents of Daytona Beach, Florida, are reporting a young black bear in the neighborhood; while a black bear caught by wildlife officials in a New Mexico town was repatriated in Gila National Forest. A Florida golfer, familiar with birdies and bogies, was not quite prepared for a bear-ie on the course! A little background material on Wisconsin's black bears is provided in an article about one's excursion into a mobile home park; and Bristol, Connecticut, has another furry invader raiding local bird-feeders. A conservation officer in Prince George, British Columbia, had the unusual experience of administering CPR to a bear. Residents of an Ohio town have to pick their mail up at the Post Office now due to an overly-protective hawk. A look at Minnesota's bald eagle population is provided by the next item; while Vermont is welcoming back some long-absent raptors. An Op-Ed piece from Michigan applauds the cautious approach towards deer herd management of one community. A look at Minnesota's bovine tuberculosis in the deer population is the topic of the next item; followed by a story about how Whitetails Unlimited is on the offensive in the cases of snowmobilers who ran down deer in North Dakota. A resident of British Columbia was convicted of poaching a deer in 2007. Taking a lead from the Germans, Cal Trans will begin installing a deer warning system on a particularly deadly stretch of road in Northern California; but North Dakota has decided to ditch their deer crossing signs as being irrelevant. A New South Wales, Australia, community, still on edge after a shooting incident the week before, was relieved to find out that this time it was just a deer hunter. A storm of protests from hunters and others has killed a proposal for Monmouth County employees to cull deer in New Jersey. The city council of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has decided against issuing coyote depredation permits. Use of the controversial 1080 poison by officials in New Zealand to control the exploding possum population is still hotly debated. A five-step procedure for dealing with a skunk-sprayed pet is up next. And finally, here's something you don't see every day - a live piece of alligator luggage!

Indonesian elephant fossil opens window to past

Red panda at ND zoo has rare set of triplets

Sea lion wanders onto San Francisco area freeway

Whaling commission faced with quotas schism

New net timer could save sea turtles from drowning

Nebraska sees spike in rabies cases

Black Bear Hangs Around Daytona Beach Target

Game and Fish officials capture black bear, release it in Gila

Bear Aware: 3 black bear sightings in Wellington

There's a bear in Baraboo: Animal wanders into neighborhood

Another bear sighting, another warning

HL:Conservation officer in B.C. gives bear CPR after tranquilizer

Family of hawks halts mail delivery in Liberty

As eagle population soars, so do conflicts with humans

Bald eagle makes comeback in Vermont

Editorial: City should move slowly on culling deer

Another deer with bovine TB doesn’t concern ag officials

Conservation group calls for tougher laws after deer slaughtering case

Man convicted for shooting a deer dead

Deer warning system will be installed near Fort Jones

Deer crossing signs to come down to save money

Oh deer, shots shake Port Macquarie again

Employee-only deer hunt rejected

Springs council shoots down proposal to issue coyote-killing permits

Opponents of 1080 drop unmoved

Five things to do if your pet is sprayed by a skunk

Live alligator found in bag on train in Norway

Monday, June 22, 2009


Commentary from Maine about how caring folks can sometimes do a disservice to wildlife by taking them in is provided by our first wildlife article today; followed by one on how the bad economy is forcing a North Carolina wildlife rehabilitation center to close. A Louisiana firefighter got a painful greeting from a cottonmouth in his fire station; and scientists doing studies of Great White Sharks off South Africa feel that these animals pre-plan their attacks on fur seals. A surplus of berries and other bear staples has reduced the number of dangerous encounters with humans in California's Sierras; but officials have closed access to a trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park due to bears. There has been an increase in hungry bears around Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center; and bird feeders beware - a hungry bear is on the prowl in an Atlanta suburb! South Floridians are being warned about a bear foraging through some neighborhoods; while New Mexico Game & Fish officials trapped and released a bear that had killed a sheep over the weekend. A bear that had wandered into Hartford, Connecticut, was tranquilized and returned to the wild on Sunday. A Connecticut writer reflects on his war of nerves with a persistent raccoon; and a North Carolina resident is now under treatment for rabies after tests of a raccoon who attacked him came back positive for the disease. Texas naturalists are keeping an eagle-eye on a nest at Lake Waco; but a bald eagle discovered in an Ohio neighborhood last September looks to be grounded for life. A Native American raptor center in Oklahoma is the new home of a golden eagle; and a pair of peregrine falcons nesting at a Virginia power plant has been tagged for future study of this endangered species. The debate over protecting gray wolves in Michigan is the topic of the next item; followed by a letter from a resident of Wyoming that fires back at ranchers in defense of wolves in that state. Coyotes are having an impact on deer in Virginia; while the fate of a fawn whose mother was killed with an arrow is on the minds of residents of a community in Georgia. A unique perspective on forests and deer is provided by an article from ESPN; but a Kansas woman is recovering in a Missouri hospital from an encounter with a deer and her ATV. Three judges presiding over three criminal cases involving deer deliberately run down by snowmobilers in Wisconsin are receiving copious mail on the cases. Concerns of a Maryland motorist over the burgeoning deer population are voiced in this next article; followed by one about a deer-auto altercation in Illinois that ended up sending two people to the hospital. An Ohio motorcyclist was killed when a deer ran into traffic on an Ohio highway. And finally, a wayward deer decided to visit a pet store in Grand Forks, North Dakota!

Wildlife officials: Life can be tough for illegal pets

Piedmont Wildlife Center closes rehabilitation

Firefighter Hospitalized for Snake Bite: UPDATE

Great whites 'plan' seal attacks

Wet weather eases Sierra human-bear conflicts

Bear activity closes Abrams Falls Trail in Smokies

Juneau Bear Problem

Bear Spotted in Kennesaw Neighborhood

Wellington residents spot bear

NM officials capture bear that killed sheep

Stuck In A Tree: Bear Captured In Hartford, Returned To Wild

A worthy opponent gets the last laugh

Hertford man treated for rabies

Naturalists hope Lake Waco baby bald eagle will fly soon

Injured eagle will never fly again

Eagle finds a new home

Biologists tag, track threatened peregrine falcons

Michigan says its management plan protects wolves

Wolves aren't terrorists

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Oh deer, beware of coyotes

Deer Shot With Bow and Arrow Dies In Gwinnett Yard

Kill a tree, help a deer

Driver Injured When Deer Jumps Onto ATV

Letters to Waupaca judges passionate in deer-killing case involving Weyauwega-area men Rory Kuenzi, Robby Kuenzi and Nicholas Hermes

Deer run amok on Eastern Shore

Two Complain of Injuries Following Car-Deer Accident

Deer starts chain reaction accident that kills motorcyclist in Lorain County

Deer romps through GF mall

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Fearing a toxin in the area, a farmer in Alberta, Canada, has asked authorities to investigate a variety of dead wildlife on his property, our first wildlife story today. A writer from Wisconsin chronicles the wildlife in that part of the country; and a snapshot of wildlife in Nova Scotia, Canada, particularly bears, is provided by the next item. As the black bear population in New Jersey reaches record levels, sightings are becoming more frequent; while a young black bear was spotted in parts of Durango, Colorado. A Virginia community was visited by a bear, who was herded by police to a remote part of town; but authorities in Utah shut down camps after reports of a bear in the area. The debate over what is killing livestock in Ontario, Canada, is captured in the next item; followed by a story that espouses one possible reason for this week's cougar attack in British Columbia: housing developments in the area. An orphaned cougar cub found in an Oregon forest has a new lease on life after transfer to a Wisconsin zoo; and an update on two orphaned cougar cubs at the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue shelter follows. Some high school girls got a shock when they found a dead deer in the girls bathroom! The editor of an Astoria, Oregon, paper reflects on coyote behavior; even as residents of a Florida community have been advised to hire a trapper after repeated coyote attacks on pets. Development is once again blamed for increased coyote sightings in one Alberta, Canada, community; but, over the protests of animal rights activists, Colorado Springs, Colorado, is considering issuing permits to residents to shoot nuisance coyotes. Patients and staff at a New Jersey hospital are enjoying the company of a raptor named 'Reggie'; while ornithologists in Louisiana are excited about the discovery of the first nest with young of a Swainson's hawk in that state. And finally, here's a headline from Australia that most will find counter-intuitive: 'Firefighters rescue bird from tree'?!?

Central Alberta farmers want answers on how deer and moose died

Wisconsin Woodsmoke: Summer officially arrives with solstice on Sunday

Black bear sightings are on the rise, says DNR official

Black bear sightings continue to rise in NJ

Young bear seen near downtown park

Bear herded away from Ashland homes

Bear sightings close camps

Farmer fears cougar killing his livestock

Mother of cougar victim blames urban sprawl

Orphaned cougar cub joins NEW Zoo

Petaluma cougar cubs redeem their image

Police say senior prank behind dead deer found in Morris Knolls High School bathroom

Our editor confronts an uncouth coyote

Coyote Picks Off Windermere Residents' Pets

Bunny boom brings coyote invasion

City Council To Discuss Permits To Shoot/Kill Coyotes

Hospital patients, staff enjoy hawk's company

Swainson's hawk, a western raptor, breeding in La.

Firefighters rescue bird from tree

Friday, June 19, 2009


In wildlife news today, a wetlands restoration project outside of Seattle, Washington, promises more habitat for wildlife. With 4,500 deer-auto collisions annually, Minnesota is putting up some hi-tech warning systems to protect their 1 million deer from having collisions with motorists; and a couple of wayward deer gave authorities and one homeowner some trouble in Nova Scotia. A West Virginia toddler was injured by a doe that is now being sought by authorities. An upstate New York community is being advised to sterilize and cull an over-abundance of deer; while dialogue about the recent decision to cull deer in a park in Kansas City, Missouri, is up next; but the chief topic, now that the debate is over, is how to pay for the program. A Massachusetts neighborhood is supporting the local coyote population, much to the chagrin of the residents; but, in a case of mistaken identity, a farmer in Texas mistook a coyote with mange for a much rarer beast. Several sightings of cougars have been reported in a Montana town; and cougars in East Texas are the topic of the next article. A couple of cougars were removed from Utah neighborhoods to be repatriated in the wild; but youthful inexperience may explain the attack by a cougar in British Columbia on a 3-year-old earlier this week. A black bear who has been spotted in a three-state area is apparently on the prowl for a suitable mate; while the Michigan Bear Management Team is revamping 25-year-old plans for maintaining the health of that state's burgeoning black bear population. Pennsylvania is getting tough on the illegal bear organ poachers who flock to the state due to lax poaching laws; but the effects of Global Warming combined with Russian poaching is impacting the polar bear population in Alaska. A spike in rabies cases in Wichita County, Texas, may have been caused by increased residential development disrupting habitats; and a pet raccoon kept in a home in Pennsylvania turned out to have rabies. It's been a bloody three weeks for heron chicks at the hands (paws?) of raccoons in a British Columbia park. Banding of a pair of young bald eagles in Massachusetts is described in the next article. An injured red-tailed hawk brought into an Eastern Washington clinic turns out to have a wing infection, rather than a broken wing, ensuring that it will take flight again after treatment. An investigation into the insecticide poisoning of a golden eagle in Scotland is being conducted by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). And finally, a raptor decided to drop in at Birdie's in New York City for lunch!

Restored WA wetlands to offset development losses

State tests deer warning system

Two deer put down in Maritimes after causing headaches on highway, in home

WVa police search for deer that harmed toddler

Sterilize and cull, Cayuga Heights' deer panel recommends

Kill the deer in SM Park? Absolutely

County officials hope $50,000 budget will be enough to rid park of 500 deer

Coyotes spook Acton neighborhood

Chupacabra – not! Mangy coyote more like it

Mountain lions sighted in Polson

Mountain Lion in your neighborhood?

2 wild felines caught in Utah County

Cougar that attacked child in Squamish was a yearling

Will bear find love in tri-states?

Bear management plan is approved

Bear's organs will be used to help fight illegal trade

Alaska polar bear numbers declining: U.S. agency

More Cases of Rabies Showing Up Across Wichita County

Baby raccoon tests positive for rabies in Enola

Raccoons targeting heron chicks in Vancouver's Stanley Park

Where eagles fly

Injured hawk faces uncertain prognosis

Police probe over poisoned eagle

Excuse Me, Waiter…? There’s a Large Bird of Prey in My Soup

Thursday, June 18, 2009


A couple of marine mammal stories lead off Wildlife News Of The Day today: falling demand on seal products seems to be impacting Canada's state-sanctioned seal hunt; and, in a direct challenge to Japan's predatory whaling 'research' project, Australia and New Zealand have teamed up to do a non-lethal study of whales in the Antarctic. Animal rights groups protested an expanded elephant exhibit at San Diego Zoo in California. In an effort to prevent the spread of brucellosis to domestic herds, four bison bulls were shot by wildlife officials in Montana. A dissertation on wildlife in the US is given by noted wildlife journal... Popular Mechanics?!? A comprehensive study of the ubiquitous deer mouse in Missouri is offered next. Hailed as a success story, Peregrine Falcons, once numbering only about 650 mating pairs, have rebounded to 2,000 - 3,000 mating pairs, allowing Florida to take them off the endangered species list. The in-depth interview with a courageous Mom who battled a cougar that attacked her 3-year-old in British Columbia is next up. A deer born with six legs died after surgery in Georgia to remove the two extra legs; and a motorcyclist was seriously injured when he collided with a deer in Ohio. After a heated debate over deer population control in Kansas City, Missouri, a deer hunt has been authorized. Residents of Colorado Springs have been advised to stay indoors as authorities search for a couple of bears in the area. Frequently sighted over the past week, a bear turned up for a photo op in Warren County, Ohio; while questions swirl around the mysterious death of a black bear captured in Rochester, New York, yesterday. There have been a couple of bear sightings in Georgia, as the next two articles show. What was thought to be a crime scene in Pennsylvania turns out to have just been the remains of a bear, not a human. Some pointers on co-existing with coyotes is provided in an article from Massachusetts; but a rabid coyote picked the wrong guys to accost in Milwaukee, causing police to shoot it. A rabid skunk discovered in Groton, Connecticut, has prompted warnings from officials about approaching wildlife. A Tennessee coach got into an altercation with a raccoon on the back deck of her house. And finally, the next time you go to use your toilet, make sure the space isn't already occupied, as a Brisbane, Australia, man found!

Canadian seal hunt experiences drop in catches

Australia, NZ to study Antarctic whales

Animal activists decry expanded elephant displays

4 Yellowstone bison killed under disease policy

Bears and Other Predators Invade U.S. Neighborhoods

Deer mouse: Popular prey breeds like rabbits

Peregrine Falcons Taken Off Florida's Endangered Species List

Cougar attack mom: 'He had her skull between his paws'

Six-legged deer dies after surgery

Motorcyclist injured after hitting deer in Preble

Johnson County to use sharpshooters, bow hunters to kill deer in park

Mother bear and baby cub spotted in Colorado Springs neighborhood

Another bear sighting - in Warren County

Questions Remain after Bear's Death

Late night bear sighting reported

Troup County Family Spots Bear

Bones found in Pa. woods turn out to be bear's

A coyote and you: What to do?

Milwaukee police shoot, kill coyote along lakefront

Rabid skunk found in Groton

Summitt hurt in raccoon brawl

From s-bend to YouTube: a possum's tale

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Funds for federally-supported nuisance animal trappers in Oregon appear to be a casualty of the bad economy as Wildlife News Of The Day kicks off. The photo of a raccoon who set up housekeeping in a street's pothole in West Virginia has stirred some interesting comments from readers; but a Massachusetts woman had a run-in with an aggressive raccoon in her driveway. An inquisitive bear in Colorado decided to slip into a home through the dog door and chow down; while the nine-year program to reintroduce black bears into Central Louisiana after they were listed as endangered in 1992 has been successfully completed. A Georgia man who accidently killed a black bear with his vehicle was disappointed to hear that he wouldn't be able to keep it. A cougar has been spotted several times over the past two days in Sonora, California; but a toddler was mauled by a cougar in Squamish, British Columbia, after which wildlife officials tracked the big cat down and shot it. Cougars and other big cats may be in shorter supply worldwide than expected, according to a new study; and cougars may become an endangered species as pets in Florida as well. Cougar mania has hit parts of Georgia as sightings continue; while one of the 18 cougars being tracked in Colorado's Front Range was captured in Boulder and repatriated in the wild. An Ohio woman is in hot water over relocating an orphaned fawn to Kentucky; and in what is sure to be a contentious meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, residents will be debating the wisdom of a deer hunt in a local park. Indiana has implemented an innovative program to team deer hunters up with farmers whose crops are being decimated by deer; while an Ohio Sheriffs deputy was knocked unconscious by a collision with a deer in the road. A photo of a bald eagle hauling nest-building materials graces the next item from Seattle, Washington; but a timber manager has been incarcerated in that state for his involvement in the 2004 felling of a tree that contained a bald eagle nest. A college in Minnesota had to close a nature trail due to an aggressive coyote who was probably protecting her den's pups; while residents of a British Columbia, Canada, neighborhood are reporting missing pets and suspect coyotes are the cause. And finally, one of those counterintuitive stories that grabs your attention: dog saves cat?!?

Linn may go without trapper

Who is that masked creature?

Dog food is juuuust right for Colorado bear

East-central Louisiana's black bear reintroduction program comes to a close

Man won’t get to keep bear he hit on I-75

Mountain Lion Sightings In Sonora

Conservation officers kill cougar linked to attack on Squamish B.C., girl

U of Minnesota-led study finds that hunters are depleting lion and cougar populations

Cougar ban possible as Florida reviews pet list

Lion talk continues, but no evidence yet

Lion trapped, relocated from north Boulder neighborhood

State Seeks Orphaned Baby Deer To Euthanize, Test It

Large turnout expected for tonight’s Shawnee Mission Park deer hearing

DNR aims to bring hunters, farmers together

Darke Co. Deputy Injured In Deer Collision

1000 Words: Bald eagle hard at work

Timber manager sentenced to prison for felling tree with eagle nest

Coyote keeps college course closed

Coyotes responsible for attacks on household pets

Dog Saves Cat From Coyote!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A New York-based wildlife rehabilitator shares some stories in our first wildlife article today. A Eurasian louse has apparently arrived in the US on imported deer and is making life miserable for domestic breeds; while deer are causing problems for homeowners in Indianapolis, Indiana; and, with the bad economy spurring residents of West Virginia to grow their own produce, a legislator is considering reviving a bill that deals with deer ravaging these gardens. Not everyone complains about deer hanging around, however, as a sociable deer in Wisconsin who liked to hang around people has been relocated to a wildlife park by state officials, something they generally don't do. Interstate 5 was closed for a time in Wilsonville, Oregon, after a deer collided with a motorcycle, spilling both occupants and killing the deer. A nuisance bear who became aggressive had to be killed in Yuma, Arizona; and a hungry bear is roaming around a Fairfax County, Virginia, neighborhood. Residents of several communities in Iowa have reported a black bear rambling through; and a black bear was seen in an Ohio community. A black bear who had scampered up a tree in New York state fell to its death after being tranquilized. A pair of rabid raccoons was discovered in a West Virginia county. Two cougar stories out of Canada today: an Ontario man is concerned about a cougar he spotted in the area; and a rash of cougar sightings in British Columbia (six on Friday alone) has wildlife officials cautioning residents about possible encounters with the big cats. More information on last week's cougar encounter between a big cat and a trio of small dogs in Southern California is up next. A red-tailed hawk is nearing her 30th birthday in Minnesota; but eagle-watchers in Michigan will have to conduct their viewing from afar as motorists trying to ogle the raptors are tying up traffic. A columnist from Central California exults the virtues of turkey vultures. A small plane taking off from an airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a run-in with a coyote; but one Canadian woman wants a coyote family that lives under her shed in Calgary, Alberta, to move on before pets or kids get hurt. Farmers in North Carolina, tired of losing lambs and calves to invasive coyotes have come up with a secret weapon: donkeys! And finally, a Toronto, Canada, line-painting crew was apparently distracted when they painted right over a dead skunk in the middle of the road (although you would think the smell would have alerted them!)

SLIDE SHOW: Raising deer to release into the wild

Exotic Louse found on mule deer near Saratoga

Deer herd control becoming larger problem

More gardens likely to revive deer damage issue

'Friendly deer' gets a second chance

NB I-5 reopened after collision between motorcycle and deer near Wilsonville

Game and Fish kills bear near Cornville

Baby black bear spotted in Clifton

Black bear seen near Bellevue

Black bear spotted again in Springboro

Bear Dies After Fall from Tree

Two raccoons found near Renick had rabies

Man sure he saw cougar

Beware of cougars, B.C. conservation officers warn

Close encounters: Riverside County woman played it smart in mountain lion confrontation

Spreading her wings here

Roadside eagle watching restricted for safety reasons

Gary Bogue: Vultures are some of my favorite people

Safe Landing After Coyote Strike

Calgary woman discovers coyote family under shed

Donkeys guard cows from coyotes

Road-painting crew paints right over dead skunk in the middle of the road

Monday, June 15, 2009


In our first wildlife story today, a moose was unceremoniously removed from a Sarasota Springs, New York, racetrack before even finishing one furlong! A marine rehabilitation center in Northern California is showcased next; followed by the exploits of a Connecticut 'critter ridder'. Environmental groups are protesting the delisting of gray wolves in parts of Michigan by the Department of the Interior; even as an Op-Ed piece from Oregon takes the side of ranchers being victimized by protected gray wolves. A Florida family was the victim of a four-legged home-invader. A chain reaction deer-truck collision in Maryland ended up sending a mother and daughter to the hospital; while one of Google's street-mapping teams struck a deer in New York, all captured on one of their cameras! Residents of New Jersey were reminded that warmer weather in that state means more ticks carrying Lyme disease will be about. An Ohio couple who weren't wearing helmets came off the worse for a motorcycle collision with a deer this weekend; but a motorcyclist in Minnesota who was wearing a helmet came off his collision a bit better. Deer who have recently left their mothers to strike out on their own are boosting the number of road kills around Missouri. The debate over lending a helping hand to distressed wildlife (in this case, hawks in Philadelphia) is the topic of the next article. More details (and a photo) from last week's story of a cougar that was captured in a Utah neighborhood; but the hunt is on in Washington state for a cougar who may have been wounded by the owner of a dog mauled in an attack. Wildlife biologists share discoveries from their research on cougars in South Dakota's Black Hills. In an Op-Ed piece, a writer discusses the misdirection of hunting coyotes to increase Maine's deer population; followed by a brief discussion of urban coyotes. Discussion of doves and coyotes in Central California is provided by the next item; while an outdoorsman discusses the lineage of the Eastern Coyote. A North Carolina woman got slapped by a bear while trying to restrain her dog, which was trying to attack a mother bear and three cubs; but a black bear had a fatal encounter with a pickup truck in Pennsylvania. Rules for bear encounters are provided, along with an update on an elusive bruin in Georgia; a look at bear encounters in Michigan is up next; while the survivor of a harrowing Montana grizzly attack in 1959 will be reunited with the park ranger who saved his life. And finally, the next time you go to the vending machine, make sure someone isn't staring back at you!

A moose on the loose at upstate NY racetrack

Sick sea critters aided by Marine Mammal Center

Enjoying The Trappings Of The Outdoors

Groups: US moved too fast on gray wolf de-listing

The back forty: Who’s afraid of the big bad lamb? Ask the coyote under the porch

Deer finds its way into Florida home

Mother and Daughter Hospitalized After Deer Crashes into Truck

Doh, a deer: Google's wildlife accident mea culpa

Increase in N.J. deer ticks means greater risk of Lyme disease

Motorcyclists hurt in collision with deer in Bucyrus

Motorcyclist injured in collision with deer

Young deer now in the spring of their road-roaming flight

GreenSpace: Help wildlife or hands off?

Mountain Lion Captured in Eagle Mountain Neighborhood

Still No Sign of Possibly Wounded Cougar After Central Kitsap Attack

Mountain Lion research continues in Black Hills

Killing coyotes won't ensure deer's success

Urban coyotes have streetwise ways

Gary Bogue: Mourning doves: are they always such bad nest builders?

Wolf or coyote? Genetics tell complicated tale

Woman Hurt in Buncombe County Bear “Incident”

Black bear killed by pickup truck in western Pa.

Bear may be hiding near Columbia County neighborhoods

Human-bear encounters increasing

Grizzly bear victim, savior to meet in Montana

Raccoons Rescued From Inside Pepsi Machine

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Cited as the "animal CSI", the Feather Identification Lab at the Smithsonian gets called in on bird-strike cases; but birds on Alaska's Rat Island can breathe a sigh of relief after an eradication effort by Nature Conservancy, among others, apparently eliminated an infestation of rats that had decimated the bird population. A bald eagle that was rehabilitated at Rocky Mountain Raptor Program in Fort Collins, Colorado, after being shot, has been released back into the wild. A pair of pit bulls are in quarantine in Killeen, Texas, after a run-in with a rabid skunk. Three cougar encounters in the news today: one was spotted by a girl in a Utah neighborhood; a Nevada jogger's close encounter with a cougar has prompted warnings from authorities on how to react if confronted by one; and a cougar was spotted several times this past week in Grass Valley, California. Never underestimate the ferocity of a Chihuahua protecting its turf, as a cougar found out in a Hemet, California, garage! South Dakota's Game, Fish, and Parks officials will be finalizing plans for cougar hunting July 1st. Den-izens of a wild animal park in Oklahoma just got some new additions to their turf. A bear-viewing company is in trouble with RCMP over bear baiting during tours in British Columbia; and a taxidermist from New York state has been punished for leading illegal bear hunting expeditions elsewhere in Canada. A bear that broke into a home in Colorado was shot to death by the owner; and a nuisance bear that was rocking tourists' cars and prowling for food was euthanized in Central Florida. Repeated sightings of a black bear in the Dubuque, Iowa, area have authorities on edge; perhaps a reflection of the bear population in the US that continues to increase, as the following article illustrates. A bear cub also caused a bit of a stir in Pennsylvania yesterday. Offers of help tracking down a trio who stamped a fawn to death in the UK have poured in from as far away as UCLA in California; but barking dogs beware - a dog in Indiana that had the temerity to bark at a doe was trampled to death! A video demonstrates what really happens during rutting season as deer fight for dominance of the herd. A North Carolina fawn rehabilitator discusses the joy of caring for these orphans; but North Carolina hunters had another record year, reflecting a robust deer population of over 1 million animals in that state. A pair of bucks were released into the wilds of Central Massachusetts after a foray in a Boston park; while Texas researchers cited the benefits of supplemental feeding of deer in a new A&M study. And finally, a deer ran into a Whole Foods store and showed up at the bakery for a chocolate chip cookie, but was removed before the order was completed (bummer!)

Museum experts ID birds that bring down planes

Alaska's Rat Island rat-free after 229 years

Eagle released after healing from gunshot

Rabid Skunk Tangles With Local Resident’s Pit Bulls

Farmers' views on Tb strategy sought by Animal Health Board

Mountain lion runs through Eagle Mountain neighborhood

Mountain lion spotted in Fernley

Mountain Lion sighted near Memorial Park

3 Chihuahuas Corner Angry Mountain Lion In Garage

GF&P Commission Proposes Larger Lion Quota

New Black Bear Exhibit In Broken Arrow

Investigation underway after bear-baiter found: conservationist

Illegal Bear Guiding Nets 10-year Hunting Suspension, Probation for New York Man

Small bear wanders into Colorado home

Bear trapped, euthanized in central Fla.

Reports of black bear in Dubuque area

The Three Bears? Try 163,000 ... and counting

Bear causes scare

Thugs stamp baby deer to death

Deer kills dog in homeowner's backyard

Video: When two 'Buck' deer lose their cool

N.C. woman gives home to critters, just for a while

Outdoors - N.C. deer harvest sees another record high

City deer are taken safely to rural area

Supplemental deer feeding may be 'worth it,' research shows

Deer runs into Whole Foods store

Friday, June 12, 2009


We start out with news about aquatic wildlife today: an extremely rare yellow lobster that was caught off Prince Edward Island is on display at a seafood restaurant in Massachusetts; while endangered Hawaiian Monk seals have expanded their digs. Sounding like something from a B-grade science fiction movie, workers involved in cleanup of radioactive waste in Hanford, Washington, had to deal with radioactive wasps and their nests; and visitors at a zoo in South Carolina got more than they bargained for when a gorilla got loose! New Zealand officials are discussing how best to handle the overabundance of destructive possums; but the Humane Society is urging a cutback in bobcat trapping in the US as buyers in Russia and China are paying upwards of $500 a pelt. A Jack Russell terrier is lucky to be alive after being mauled by a cougar in British Columbia, Canada. A Wisconsin writer exults over the increasing numbers of bald eagles in parts of that state; even as Vermont state biologists are waiting expectantly for some bald eagle hatchlings to appear. New York City is preparing to drastically reduce the Canadian geese population around the city to prevent more bird strikes on airliners entering and leaving the city's airports; but a professional golfer at a tournament in Maryland teed off right into an unfortunate robin that was flying by at just the wrong instant. A young bear was seen near a Virginia grade school yesterday; and officials in several Ohio counties are debating how to react to repeated black bear sightings. A Florida man who shot a black bear, ostensibly in self-defense, has been charged with a felony and released on bail; and elsewhere in that state, a black bear was seen prowling around a gated community. A bumper crop of cubs in Great Smokies National Park has led to an abundance of nuisance bears in that part of Tennessee. Residents of New Hampshire are given the lowdown on skunks on the move in their area. A Tennessee county is reconsidering a bounty offered for coyotes. A look at Illinois deer herds in light of hunting regulations is up next; but a motorcyclist who struck a deer in Minnesota has died. A journalist from Kansas City laments the impending doom of deer in a nearby park; while, with 191 commercial deer herds in Oklahoma, breeders are going high-tech to keep tabs on the health of their herds. And finally, actress Anne Hathaway had an unexpected cameo guest during a Shakespeare play in New York's Central Park!

Rare yellow lobster turns up in Massachusetts seafood restaurant

Hawaiian Islands named habitat for endangered seal

Radioactive wasps bug out nuclear cleanup workers

Gorilla injures 1 during brief escape at SC zoo

DOC Reviewing Possum Plans

Bobcat fur coats raise trapping concern in West

Dog survives cougar mauling

Bald eagles make a triumphant return to the Lower Wisconsin river valley

Biologists hope bald eagles are here for good

With Eye on Airports, City to Begin Culling Geese

Ahn hits wrong kind of birdie at LPGA Championship

Bear Spotted near Loudoun Va. School

What to do about black bear sightings

San Carlos man formally charged with shooting black bear

Bear sighting in Naples

Nuisance bear incidents reported in Smokies

Now you know about skunks

Wise County puts coyote bounty on hold

IDNR changing deer regulations

Motorcyclist killed after striking deer on I-694

Yes, park’s deer are a problem, but what a sight

Deer Breeder Embraces New Animal Identification System

Anne Hathaway - Hathaway Upstaged By A Raccoon

Thursday, June 11, 2009


A detailed look at cougars in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California is provided in our first wildlife article today. A zoo in Portland, Oregon, has a new member - an orphaned cougar cub; but a couple of bobcats were skulking around a school near Carmel, California. A news item on possums reveals just how valuable they are in controlling real pests; while a woman in Ontario, Canada, is working with the local Humane Society and wildlife officials to care for a pair of baby raccoons. A Massachusetts woman had a frightening encounter with a pack of coyotes while walking through the woods; and coyotes are showing up in increasing numbers in one New York state neighborhood as well. Pensacola, Florida, pet owners are being advised that urban coyotes are on the prowl; while fox sightings and other wildlife encounters in Massachusetts are discussed in the next item. The debate over foxes in the area is heating up in a North Carolina community; but a Florida man will have to undergo treatment after a fox who scratched him was found to be rabid. Another Texas county is reporting rabid wildlife. Wyoming Game and Fish officials are trying to confirm the sighting of a grizzly bear in an area not usually frequented by them. A bear who decided to visit Post Falls, Idaho, was tranquilized and repatriated in the wild. In a followup to an article yesterday, an Ontario, Canada, woman needed 72 staples to close gashes on her leg when a bear mauled her in her driveway yesterday. Michigan has come up with a plan for dealing with their 19,000 black bears; and some pointers on visiting a Wyoming recreation area frequented by wildlife is offered. A motorcyclist went to the hospital after colliding with a deer in Washington state; but a snowmobiler who viciously attacked wildlife has managed to avoid felony animal cruelty charges in Wisconsin. Akron, Ohio, will be employing a lottery to determine who will be allowed to do some archery hunting of deer to reduce the population. Two deer that headed into downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, had to be euthanized due to fears of deer-auto collisions. And finally, we've all heard about people, pets, and livestock being evacuated from a fire zone, but fish??

Map: Where the Mountain Lions Live in the Santa Monica Mountains

Zoo adopts orphaned baby cougar

Mystery cats prowl near Carmel school

Misunderstood marsupial is nature's exterminator

Resident rallies for raccoons

Pack of coyotes chase woman in Groveland

Coyotes Descend On JC Neighborhood

Coyotes preying on cats

The wild life: As animal sightings grow, know when to report issues

Guilford Safe Haven For Foxes

Rabid Fox Scratches Man In Jensen Beach

Rabid skunks found in Fort Bend County

Grizzly bear reported by Middle Piney Creek

Bear tranquilized in Post Falls

Bear leaves woman scarred

Michigan adopts bear management plan

Be cautious while among bears, lions and other wildlife at Bighorn Canyon NRA

Motorcyclist being treated after striking deer and pickup

Deer cruelty charges dismissed

Bow And Arrow Hunting To Be Allowed For Deer Control

2 Deer Wander Into Downtown Minneapolis

Biologists help rare fish flee New Mexico fire

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


An update on our top story yesterday leads off wildlife news today: the relocation of dozens of elephants from an area in Malawi in southern Africa has been delayed by court order. As coyotes move farther into Monticello, Illinois, pet owners are being warned to keep an eye on their charges; and police in Wilton, Connecticut, are providing warnings and advice to residents about living with a growing coyote population. A Colorado columnist reflects on the misconceptions about coyotes. A Sheriffs deputy was thankful for his helmet and bulletproof vest after his motorcycle collided with a deer; but a Michigan motorist struck a deer, setting up a chain reaction that sent three to the hospital. Grand Haven, Michigan, has a fierce debate about residential fencing to restrict deer access raging at the moment; while police in Helena, Montana, have been given the go-ahead to continue culling deer. Deer control is on the agenda as an overpopulation is causing problems for a Kansas park; and San Marcos, Texas, animal control officers are bracing for a spirited meeting discussing what to do about an overabundance of deer destroying vegetation within the city. West Virginia's National Radio Astronomy Observatory will be conducting deer hunts on the property, something that had been suspended in the past. Colorado wildlife officials are investigating the possibility that a cougar may have killed a pregnant spaniel over the weekend; and a cougar was reported in a Wisconsin community on Monday. A couple of sightings of a cougar near Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia has authorities on edge, since there haven't been any cougars in Georgia for a long time due to farmers exterminating the entire population. Bird watchers in Colorado were appalled when a golden eagle decimated a heron breeding ground; and eagle enthusiasts were upset that a CalTrans camera monitoring eaglets in Northern California failed. A trio of bear-attack stories today: a father and son are lucky to be alive after an encounter with a protective mother grizzly in Alberta, Canada; a man had a painful encounter with a grizzly bear in Montana; and an Ontario, Canada, resident was injured in what was believed to be a bear attack today. Residents of northeast Iowa had a black bear amble through their town; and a black bear was spotted in a Rhode Island neighborhood. Bird feeders beware - a huge black bear was caught on film in Georgia raiding a feeder; while a black bear cub who had probably been turned out by its mother (it's that time of year) strayed into Greeneville, South Carolina. A black bear was spotted in an Ohio community, a rare occurrence, as Ohio has only a few dozen bears statewide. In a sign of the growing bear population in southern Massachusetts, a town is experiencing an increase in sightings. And finally, a hound in hot pursuit of a raccoon ended up getting stranded in a storm drain in Charleston, West Virginia.

Court order stops elephant relocation in Malawi

Coyote's Next Lunch

Coyote sightings on rise

We've got it all wrong with coyotes

Deputy hits deer with motorcycle

Accident Involving Deer in Grass Lake Sends Three to Hospital

Planners don't want fences raised to halt deer

Helena Looks to Control Rapidly Expanding Deer Population

Sharpshooters and bow hunters recommended to reduce deer at Shawnee Mission Park

Deer woes dog parts of city

WVa radio observatory resumes deer hunt

Mountain lion may have killed Redland's dog

Cougar sighting in Oak Creek

County receives 2 reports of roaming lion in North Hall

Hungry eagle foils heron recovery near Rio Grande Trail

Web cam goes dark just as Turtle Bay eagles are about to fledge

Man saves son, fights off bear with stick

Man mauled by bear west of West Yellowstone

Coniston woman hurt in possible bear attack early Wednesday

Black bear takes a romp through northeast Iowa

Police spot black bear in Woonsocket

Big bear seen below Bent Tree

Bear Cub Captured After Surprising Residents

Black bear spotted in Warren County

In North Attleborough, an unexpected guest

Basset hound, on raccoon's trail, gets rescued from storm drain
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