Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In our first wildlife story today, a bald eagle in Florida that is draped with fishing line has been spotted flying overhead; while a columnist from Minnesota tells an odiferous story about rescuing a baby skunk from the side of the road, with predictable consequences; and a resident of Prince Edward Island, Canada, was appalled that trappers were shooting skunks caught in their community. As wildlife officials in a Pennsylvania park prepare to implement a deer cull, a professor at a local college has offered to pay the cost for nonlethal alternatives; but a news item from North Carolina underscores the danger deer pose to motorists there. Police in Scotland are on the lookout for a man whose four dogs attacked a pair of deer, killing one; and several people were charged with baiting deer in Vermont, which is illegal. Helena, Montana, is considering sanctioning an urban deer hunt, but will wait for results from a survey before deciding; but a deer burst through the window of a West Virginia classroom, making a mess before departing the way it came. With protesters threatening to disrupt a deer hunt in a Kansas park, security is tight; followed by an article that provides some more details on one of yesterday's stories of a family of bears in North Carolina that came looking for honey, but ended up being treed. Fear rules a Florida neighborhood where a woman was attacked by a pack of raccoons, prompting people to stop walking at night and to take their kids in as well; even as wildlife officials scatter humane traps to catch the critters. In a follow-up to an article a few days ago about two young men who ran over raccoons in Half Moon Bay, California, the suspects were apprehended, but claim it was not an intentional act; and a motorist in Wisconsin lost control of her car after striking a raccoon in the road. Despite their skepticism, wildlife officials in New Hampshire continue looking for a cougar, though there have been none sighted in the state for over a century; while wildlife researchers in central California are keeping a close eye on the cougar population there; and the third report of a cougar in a Minnesota community has homeowners on edge. A coyote in South Texas jumped in front of a car, causing a rollover; and a family in Maine recounts the coyote problems they're having - first with their chickens, and now fearing for their children. Nine of the 75 wolves slated for hunters in Montana have reportedly been taken in an effort to reduce attacks on livestock. And finally, it seems that some enterprising folks in Waco, Texas, are having a predator calling contest in the near future (won't they be surprised if one decides to come and see what the ruckus is about?)

Entwined eagle spotted soaring above Bonita Springs

Pepe Lepew would have been proud

Skunk shooting upsets Charlottetown woman

For deer, a siege ahead at Valley Forge park

Fear the deer -- they can kill you

Dog attack ends in deer's death

7 charged in deer-baiting investigation

Helena begins to survey deer population

Deer breaks in, leaves W.Va. classroom in shambles

Tight Security as Shawnee Mission Park Reduces Deer Herd

Oh, Pooh! No honey for these bears

Wildlife expert: 'Raccoons are little bears on crack'

Traps yield raccoon, possum and cat after raccoon attack

Raccoon deaths an accident, suspect says

Woman injured in crash with raccoon

Search continues for evidence of mountain lion

Tracking the big cats

In Eagan, three reports of cougar sightings

Coyote Causes Rollover Accident - First Edition - October 6th, 2009

Thomaston woman reports coyote problems

Nine wolves taken so far in Montana

Outdoors: Predator calling contest coming soon

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