Friday, October 16, 2009


Camilla Fox of Project Coyote sent along our first wildlife news item today that announces the introduction of new legislation that bans the use of traps on fur-bearing animals in national wildlife refuges in the US; followed by a letter to the editor of an Alberta, Canada, newspaper that defends coyotes with some statistics of attacks on people by deer and dogs. A resident of suburban Chicago is in trouble after shooting a neighbor's husky, thinking it was a coyote attacking some cats. US government officials are attempting to limit polar bear hunting to reduce the loss in their numbers from causes other than the shrinking sea ice; while wildlife officials in Aspen, Colorado, reflect on a very busy year with bears. A dog owner in New Jersey is waiting pensively through the 45 day incubation period after his dogs were exposed to a rabid raccoon; followed by a look at deer-auto collision statistics in Illinois. Rumors of a cougar in an Ohio state park are circulating among visitors; and a Central California community in which a multitude of cougar reports have been filed is on edge. After the clothes of a boy lost on a Colorado hiking trail four years ago were found, authorities believe he was probably killed by a wild animal, possibly a cougar. A man who shot a skunk in Elmhurst, Illinois, has brought that city's skunk issue to a head. We conclude today with two stories about a wolf biologist who was killed in an air crash in Alaska.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey Introduces Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act of 2009

Coyotes don’t mean any harm

Man shoots dog he thought was a coyote - Update

US seeks tougher protections for polar bear

DOW attacks bear problem

Rabies advisory issued for Monroe after infected raccoon found

Car/deer accidents decline here

Possible Mountain Lion Sightings In Local State Park

Mountain lion problem isn't going away

Lost Colorado boy likely killed by animal

Man cited after shooting skunk

Denali Wolf Biologist Dies in Plane Crash

Haber Devoted His Life to Studying and Saving Alaska's Wolves

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