Saturday, October 17, 2009


First up in wildlife news today, a black bear found a comfy perch inside a beer cooler in a Wisconsin market (that is, until wildlife officers tranquilized it and returned it to the wild!) A black bear was reported in a Massachusetts community on Friday; while in British Columbia, the hunters became the hunted as a grizzly bear decided to have two men for an evening meal! A black bear was struck and killed by a car in Vermont on Friday, one of two reported accidents along the same stretch of highway. An article from Florida points out that raccoon attacks will become more commonplace as their habitat disappears; but a raccoon that was believed to be rabid was caught by authorities outside of the library at University of Richmond in Virginia. The difficult issue of keeping deer herd's numbers down is explored in an article from the New York Times; followed by another article from that same paper about the issue of feeding deer in the wild. Wildlife officials in Nebraska are asking hunters for help with reducing the deer herd in a state park; while residents of a Boulder, Colorado, neighborhood are complaining about deer hunters endangering them by shooting from the road with high-powered rifles. Motorists in Minnesota are cautioned to be wary of deer on the road this time of year; followed by a story about cougars in Missouri. Two articles express outrage at the wolf hunt in Montana; followed by one about a lifelike coyote decoy designed to scare off geese on a school athletic field in Illinois that has actually caused residents to report it to wildlife authorities in the area! Coyotes in Durham, North Carolina, are the topic of the next article; while police in a southern Ohio town are warning residents to keep an eye on their pets after the death of one due to a coyote. And finally, we've all probably heard of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride", but we conclude today with a story about a wily coyote's wild ride!

Bear Run! Black bear chills in Wis. beer cooler

Black Bear Lumbering Through Tewksbury

Bear attacks two sleeping B.C. men

Black bear killed in Vermont car crash

More raccoons, less habitat increase risk of rare attacks

Raccoon captured in front of the library

Culls Expand as the Deer Chomp Away

White-Tails in Love

Neb. commission seeks deer hunters for state park

Boulder-area residents protest deer hunting

Motorcyclists and other motorists, be ready for deer on the road

There's Nothing So Rare as a Cougar in Missouri

Save the wolves before it's too late

I am so pissed off right now

Lindenhurst coyote decoy scares off geese, prompts reports of 'sightings'

Coyotes on the howl in Durham

Coyotes in Newark

A wild car ride for a wily coyote

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