Wednesday, October 28, 2009


An article from Colorado provides some background material on bobcats; followed by one from Minnesota about three horses that were attacked by what is believed to be a cougar that may have clawed another horse recently. A town in Alberta, Canada, had problems with coyotes attacking pets and a bear at a Catholic school; while Massachusetts wildlife officials believe a coyote killed a dog. A Canadian singer from Toronto, Ontario, was killed by a pair of coyotes as she was hiking on a trail in Nova Scotia; but a Minnesota community's leadership has decided against awarding coyote bounties for now. An emaciated coyote that was spotted in downtown Spokane, Washington, was taken into custody by animal control officers; while an article from the San Francisco Chronicle provides a thumbnail sketch of wolves in Montana and Idaho in light of their delisting. A look inside Minnesota's Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior is provided by the next article; followed by a brief look at wolves on that island. Wildlife and pet columnist Gary Bogue provides advice to Central Californian homeowners about dealing with raccoons. A young black bear who had been relocated 78 miles away from an Oregon town returned, only to be shot; and bear biologists in Maryland are keeping a close eye on the statewide bear hunt, which filled nearly half its quota on the first day alone. A father and daughter who were out deer hunting in Georgia got more than they bargained for when a 520-pound black bear showed up! A resident of Washington state is in trouble with the law over shooting a deer within city limits; and a deer that crashed through an Ohio automobile dealership's window had to be euthanized due to injuries. A white deer has been spotted in Chicago's suburbs; while an outdoorsmen from Granite Bay, California, pontificates on the issue of a proposed antlerless hunt. An Op-Ed piece from New Zealand weighs in on the debate over using 1080 poison on the overabundance of possums in that country; while Busch Gardens in Florida has provided a "dropping off" point for exotic pet owners' unwanted charges. And finally, a London-based animal rights group may be a victim of their own success in Bolivia, where a ban on animals in circuses has gone into effect and now homes must be found for all the animals!

Close-up: Bobcat

Cougar suspected by owner in new horse attacks

Coyote attacks dog, bear visits OLS

Dog killed in Hampden coyote attack

Toronto singer dies in Cape Breton coyote attack

No bounties for Yellow Medicine coyotes

Injured coyote causes brief stir in downtown Spokane

Thrown to the wolves

Trouble in nature's laboratory

Search for prey keeps wolves on the go

Gary Bogue: Got raccoon problems? Trapping them won't help

Young black bear shot in return to Ore. town

Md. bear hunt near half quota on 1st day

Dad, daughter bring down 520-pound black bear in Gordon County

Deer hunter cited for firing gun in Kelso

Deer Crashes Through Springfield Dealership

White deer: Chicago's south suburbs, again

Weighing in on the proposed Placer County local deer hunt

Over the Fence: It's 1080 hysteria - again

Busch Gardens offers exotic pet amnesty

Bolivia Frees Its Circus Animals. Now They Need Homes

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