Saturday, October 24, 2009


Zookeepers at a zoo in Miami, Florida, are rejoicing that a pair of rare harpy eagles are new parents, in our first wildlife story today; while Connecticut grammar school students had a rare treat, a visit from an eagle who resides in a nearby raptor center. Montana wildlife officials, pleased that that state's wolf population has topped 500, hope that the wolf hunt which begins tomorrow will help ease tension from residents who resent having the wolves in their areas. An LA Times article takes another look at Montana's controversial wolf hunt; and for those wishing to get a closer look at wolves in Yellowstone, some tour packages are being offered. The sighting of a coyote on a Kentucky campus caused teachers to keep students inside. A town in Wisconsin is planning a deer hunt to thin the herd; and deer hunters in that state are citing a deer-auto collision record as proof that the deer population in that state is dropping; followed by an article on the report itself. A hunting enthusiast expounds on the virtues of a cougar hunt to thin the cat population in Oregon. A bear cub that was orphaned when its mother was hit by a car in Louisiana will be transported to a bear rehabilitation center in Tennessee until it's old enough to be released back into the wild; while the Flathead National Forest dodged a bullet after two environmental groups that sued them for grizzly endangerment lost the case. Hall County, Georgia, has reported a rabid skunk in the vicinity; but an article from Alabama reassures pet owners that neither they nor their pets will contract rabies from raccoon rabies vaccine baits being distributed across the state; while an article from Kansas discusses creating a "pet-proof" raccoon trap. You just never know how wildlife may inspire artists and authors, as our last entry of the day shows!

Rare harpy eagle hatches at Miami Metrozoo

Grammar School Students Receive Visit From Adopted Eagle

This weekend wolves will be legally hunted, for the first time in years

Montana wolf hunt is stalked by controversy

At Yellowstone, wolves and winter deals

Coyote Sighting Prompts Principal To Keep Kids Inside

Little Chute plans managed deer hunt

Study Intensifies Wisconsin Deer Numbers Debate

Deer a danger for drivers in state

Bill Monroe: It's time to put the dog back in the (cougar) hunt

Orphaned black bear cub to be reared at rescue center

Flathead National Forest wins court cases accusing them of grizzly endangerment

Hall County confirms 17th rabies case of 2009

People, pets can't get rabies from vaccine bait

Creating pet-proof ’coon buckets

Family of Yosemite racoons inspire series of children's books

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