Friday, October 2, 2009


In our first wildlife article today, a new study from Oregon State University shows that the decline in large predators worldwide over the past 200 years has led to an explosion in the population of midrange predators, such as coyotes, which has wreaked havoc on the ecosystem; while Davidson College, in North Carolina, has reported an abundance of wildlife in the green spaces of their campus. Residents of Pasadena, California, received reverse-911 calls about a bear rummaging through garbage and taking dips in people's pools in the northern parts of that city; while a mama bear and 2 cubs ended up treed at a Montana home after raiding the bird feeder. The first kill in the Oklahoma bear hunt has been announced; ; but wildlife officials have "bagged" nearly a dozen bear poachers in New York state in the past few weeks. A more detailed look at raccoon rabies vaccines is provided in an article from Tennessee. Washington state wildlife officials have requested that hunters remove half a dozen cougars from two areas in the western part of that state. The unique dynamics surrounding Yellowstone's wolves, in comparison with their northern brethren, is examined in the next article; followed by an Op-Ed piece from Oregon that councils against wolf depredation permits in that state. A letter to the editor of an Alberta, Canada, paper expresses concern about coyotes in their area. Statistically speaking, an insurance study shows that auto collisions with wildlife increase from now until November each year; which is probably why the Texas Department of Transportation is warning motorists about an increased risk from deer-auto collisions in the central part of that state during the fall. An elderly resident of Ohio has been sentenced to community service and a small fine after beating a fawn to death with a shovel; but the New York Times provides an excerpt from a new book mentioned in Wildlife NOTD a few days ago that examines the less obvious aspects of a deer's life. And finally, a good Samaritan helped a skunk in Michigan whose head became stuck in a McDonald's cup, a good deed which raised only a little bit of a stink!

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