Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A skunk in Oklahoma required a "skunk whisperer" to help it out of a tight situation when its head became stuck in a peanut butter jar, in our first wildlife story today. An elderly hunter was mauled by a bear in Tahoe National Forest; and a teenage girl riding a trail bike was mauled by a grizzly outside of Anchorage, Alaska. With a record population of black bears in the state, North Carolina is reporting more incidents of bears seeking food in residential areas. A writer from Ontario, Canada, blames an abundance of raccoons for a lack of grouse this hunting season; while Tennessee is scattering rabies vaccine baits along their borders in hopes of reducing rabid raccoons in the area; something which it sounds like they need to do in parts of New Jersey and Virginia, as the next two articles show. Another cougar has been taken in North Dakota's badlands, bringing the tally to three so far during this hunting season; but a trail runner in Utah came face to face with a young cougar that was very much alive on Saturday. Objections to a new deer management plan in Wisconsin are coming from, of all people, hunters themselves; while the next story from Ohio underscores the importance of not getting between two bucks during rutting season! New Jersey, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota join the chorus of states advising motorists to beware of deer in the road, as the next four articles show; even as Ontario, Canada, tallies up the number of accidents with deer in that province. A female coyote caught in a humane trap in Ontario was euthanized and local residents who fed the animal were criticized by provincial authorities. A dog that was out for a little exercise with her master on a trail in Utah nearly became dinner for a coyote; and pet owners in Cincinnati, Ohio, are pensive about disappearing pets in their neighborhoods, something attributed to coyotes in the area. Now that the state of Montana has taken in nearly $250,000 in wolf hunt licensing fees, several groups have suggestions on how to spend the windfall; but Washington state is allowing public comment on trans-locating wolves within the state; while Montana's first attempt at a wolf-hunting season has shown how delicate a balance they need to strike if they proceed with this policy. And finally, just when you thought you understood spiders, along comes a member of the family who is a vegetarian!

The Stuck Skunk

Brown bear mauls hunter in Tahoe National Forest

Bear attacks teen bike racer

More NC bears leave woods to find food

Thank racoons for gross grouse season

Rabies Abatement Program Targets Rabid Raccoons

Rabid raccoon in Galloway is county’s seventh case

Rabid Raccoon Killed In Near West End

Third Mountain Lion Killed in Western ND

Trail runner comes eye to eye with cougar above Bountiful

Objections surface to new deer management plan

Ohio boy, 7, hit by deer while playing football

Deer feeling frisky – and causing problems on N.J. roads

Beware of deer on the road

2 Area Counties Lead In Deer-Vehicle Crashes

Drivers urged to keep an eye out for deer

Sharpshooters latest tactic in desperate bid to prevent deer-car collisions

Province condemned Beach Strip coyote

Woman saves dog from hungry coyote

Pets Disappear As Coyotes Roam Neighborhood

Ravalli hunters want state to spend license funds to study wolves

State wants to talk about wolves

Wolf quota eyed after 9 shot near Yellowstone

"Surreal" Vegetarian Spider Found -- A First

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