Monday, October 12, 2009


In our first wildlife article today, residents of Washington state are once again considering introducing wolves into the Olympic Peninsula; followed by a video segment that examines the plight of the Mexican wolves: caught between environmentalists trying to reestablish their population in the American Southwest, and ranchers who want them dead. A New York state resident managed to catch a coyote on film as it walked through his backyard; and a commentary from North Carolina points out that coyotes are now present in every county in that state. The investigation into a reported sighting of a cougar in Alabama is chronicled in the next article; while the plight of the Amur leopard in Russia's Far East, whose habitat is being destroyed by, among other things, forest fires, is examined. North Carolina's growing black bear population is becoming a growing problem, as a farmer reported that one mauled a llama on his property; but even though polar bear populations may be shrinking, polar bear tourism in Alaska is booming! The Binghamton Zoo, in New York state, has suffered the loss of a spectacled bear and a wallaby in the course of two days; while wildlife officials reported that a black bear that entered a trailer outside of Juneau, Alaska, was killed. Homeowners at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida may have to get some bear-proof trash bins due to frequent incursions by their furry neighbors; while homeowners elsewhere in that state found a black bear in their garage Sunday night. The contentious issue of poisoning possums in New Zealand has now transitioned to the political arena. A bald eagle that had been rescued as a fledgling was released into the wilds of Lake Tahoe, California, this weekend, and was quickly joined by two others in flight, something that is rarely seen at such events. A wildlife rehabilitator from Illinois discusses "Seattle", her red-tailed hawk that was rescued as a chick in Washington state from a bald eagle; but a very old bird may have been too heavy to fly, scientists now believe. Zoo and animal preserve workers are relocating over 100 deer in India to comply with population restriction; and having provided over 2 million meals to needy families, Illinois' deer hunting program is examined in the next article. A driver in Florida attempting to avoid hitting a deer in the road crashed his pickup truck, injuring three people; while a deer-motorcycle collision in Ohio left two people injured over the weekend. A deer decided to join restaurant patrons in Michigan for lunch; and a doe made an unexpected visit to a boutique elsewhere in that state Saturday. And finally, a forested area in England should probably put up a sign that reads: 'Never mind the dogs, beware of deer'!

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