Monday, October 26, 2009


We lead off wildlife news today with the story of a very small form of wildlife that is facing extinction in Central California. With an estimated 10,000 deer in the area, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is prime deer-auto collision territory; but don't expect to keep them away with deer whistles, as a columnist from Central California comments on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of deer whistles fitted on car bumpers. A deer hunter in New York State is in trouble with the law after shooting a deer out of season; but one of the hazards of deer hunting, death by friendly fire, is underscored by a tale from Oklahoma. Some financial details of the arrangement with a firm that will be supporting sharpshooters culling the deer herd in a Kansas Park are provided by the next article; followed by a story about a Delaware knick-knack shop that is cleaning up the mess from a deer that came crashing through the front window. The ongoing battle between the federal government and Alaska over setting aside a polar bear habitat in that state is chronicled in a New York Times article; while a black bear and her cub spent the weekend in a tree in a Florida neighborhood before wandering back into the forest. A bear was beaten to death by angry villagers in eastern India after mauling several people, including a child; and a pet owner in Wisconsin watched in a horror as a black bear grabbed his dog by the scruff of the neck and tossed it aside. A study just published in the journal Ecology Letters finds that, contrary to popular opinion, wolves do live long enough to lose their ability to bring down prey; followed by some words of wisdom from a wildlife preservationist who has lived with wolves and shares some of his insights. Residents of a county in Alberta, Canada, are being warned about the danger to pets from coyotes in the area; and with reports of coyotes in all 67 counties of Florida, fish and game officials are advising pet owners to keep an eye on their charges. Reports of rabies in Colorado livestock has agricultural officials worried. Plans for poisoning possums on a large scale in New Zealand are proceeding; but not everyone is convinced this is the right path, as the next article shows. A behind-the-scenes look at the zoo in Fresno, California, which is taking endangered tadpoles out of the Angeles National Forest for safekeeping following the devastation of their habitat by Southern California's Station Fire is provided by the next article. And finally, a note to wildlife smugglers: keep track of your tarantulas!

Wildlife officials recommend endangered status for Bay checkerspot butterfly

Area drivers facing deer dangers

Roadshow: Do deer whistles work?

Hunter charged with shooting deer out of season

Deer hunter shot, killed in Gowen Mountain area in SE Okla.; no arrests made

Company gets $185 an hour to help with Shawnee Mission Park deer kill

Deer creates havoc inside Rehoboth store

Polar Bears vs. Development in Alaska

Mama Bear And Cub Spend Weekend In Tree

Villagers beat bear to death

Wisconsin man says dog recovering from bear attack

Ageing wolves 'lose their bite'

Real "Wolfman" Shares His Story

Coyote concerns

Wily coyotes in area? Keep eye on your pets

Colorado Rabies Finds Raises Ag Department Concern

Plan for possum-free peninsula

Tough line sought on use of 1080

Fresno zoo leaps to rescue imperiled frog

Norwegian accused of skin-crawling snake smuggling

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