Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center in Oregon has rehabilitated hundreds of animals from dozens of species so far this year, as chronicled in our first wildlife article today; followed by a National Geographic article that discusses the world as it was at the time of a gigantic South American snake. A cautionary tale about approaching wildlife comes to us from Colorado, where a woman tried to pet a mule deer, only to be gored by the animal; while a 10-point buck was photographed swimming across the Savannah River between Georgia and South Carolina. Deer hunters will donate the venison from deer culled at Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas; but a deer hunter from Maine was in trouble with the law for improper disposal of a carcass. An article gives some background material on why driving in Minnesota this time of year, when deer are rutting, is dangerous between dusk and dawn; and a deer hunter from Ohio unexpectedly captured a cougar on a wildlife camera. A cougar in North Dakota was thoroughly focused on dragging away its kill near a highway, ignoring passing traffic; while another was reported in a neighborhood in British Columbia, Canada; and the debate over cougars in New Hampshire is once again examined in the next article. The Baltic state of Estonia, which reported over 800 cases of rabies in 2003, has declared victory over the disease nationwide; but a man in Georgia who was talking on his cell phone had an unexpected interruption from a raccoon that bit him on the leg (no word yet on whether it was rabid). The next story underscores the fact that it's hard to deter determined dumpster-diving bears in Colorado; and black bears at Yosemite national Park give two paws up for those 'Meals on Wheels' in the form of SUVs stocked with food! A black bear is also causing headaches for residents of a Florida neighborhood. A pair of captive red wolves will be the centerpiece of a presentation in Kentucky on why not to hate the canines; while a naturalist from England who has lived with wolves discusses his experiences in a new book. A resident of a Central California community asks plaintively whether officials will do anything about a coyote they accuse of having killed two of their cats; while residents of Minnesota are openly discussing a coyote hunt. Northern Kentucky University has an unwanted new striped mascot, lots of 'em! A bald eagle which was tagged, then released in Tennessee has been spotted in Pennsylvania. And finally, the exploits of a shoplifting seagull from New Jersey concludes our wildlife news today!

Catch and release

World's Biggest Snake Lived in 1st "Modern" Rain Forest

Mule deer gores woman near Florissant

Deer takes swim in Savannah River

Johnson County will donate meat to Harvesters as deer are culled from park

Kittery hunter warned for improper disposal of deer in York

DNR: Watch for deer after sundown

Cougar caught on camera near Salt Fork

Mountain lion observed dragging a deer carcass

Cougar sighting in Gordon Head on Monday

Truth about mountain lions as elusive as lions in NH

Estonian authorities have conquered rabies

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Raccoon attacks local man

Bailey's giant hot-dog stand battles Dumpster-diving bears

Black bears rate minivans as top dining vehicle

Bear Is Bothering Neighbors in Buckingham

Wolves are center of attention at Land Between the Lakes

Book Talk: Britain's Wolfman hopes to give wolves a voice

Letters: Coyote threatens Monte Sereno neighborhood

Coyote complaints start discussion at YM County Board meeting

Skunk country

Eaglet Released by Dollywood's American Eagle Foundation Spotted in Pennsylvania near Lake Erie

Point Pleasant Beach gull- update

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