Saturday, October 10, 2009


Researchers from UC Santa Cruz began their lion hunt yesterday in hopes of putting radio collars on cougars in the vicinity, our first wildlife story today; followed by a story about how wildlife biologists in several Washington state counties are still evaluating the impact of using cougar hunting dogs. Five orphaned cougar cubs will be distributed to two wildlife organizations in Minnesota to be raised in captivity. An upstate New York couple is grieving the loss of their cat, presumed to have been carried off by a coyote; while officials in a county in Virginia are debating the virtues of a coyote bounty program that has been in place since 2005. A deer cull in Michigan is proceeding without any fanfare; but in a case where lots of negatives are positive, deer that have been tested for Chronic Wasting Disease in Kent County, Michigan, have all proven to be free of the disease. The manager at a tire dealership in Delaware felt fortunate that the doors were closed when a deer decided to barge in; but a self-employed welder in Indiana has been charged with 17 counts of "thrill-killing" deer. An article from North Carolina offers some additional tips on avoiding deer-auto collisions this time of year; while Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation is advising motorists in that state about the danger posed by deer in the road. A letter to the editor of a Delaware paper comments on an abundance of skunks in their neighborhood. In Ontario, Canada, homeowner was crushed about having to euthanize his five dogs after they mixed it up with a rabid skunk; while Greenbrier County, West Virginia, has reported their 30th rabid raccoon so far this year; and another rabid raccoon has been found in a New Jersey community, the second in the past few weeks. Despite the outcry against two people accused of maliciously running down raccoons in a Half Moon Bay, California, parking lot, not everyone looks upon their act as infamous. A man had to be hospitalized after being attacked by a bear in Wyoming; but faced with a $5,000 fine and a six-month stint in jail, a wildlife photographer is fighting a bear-baiting charge in Alaska. In another head-scratcher, attorneys are arguing that the decision to put grizzly bears back on the Endangered Species Act list may actually harm their population near Yellowstone National Park; while a Kodiak bear living in a wildlife sanctuary in Florida is quite taken with his new swimming pool, donated by contractors who felt sorry for their ursine neighbor. And finally, here's a new app for the iPhone: bear repellent!

Santa Cruz Researchers Focus On Mountain Lion Whereabouts

Cougar hunting closed in some counties during deer season

Orphaned cougar cubs find refuge in Minn.

An Irondequoit couple says their beloved cat was killed recently by a coyote

County debates controversial coyote bounty program

A quiet 'cull': City again killing its deer

Kent County deer testing all clear so far

Deer nearly treads into Salisbury tire business

Wabash man faces multiple charges in deer killings

Detouring Deer

Danger alert: It’s deer crash season

Growing skunk population taking over the neighborhood

Owner upset at having to put dogs down after skunk attack

Another Rabid Raccoon Found in Greenbrier County

Second rabid animal found in Woodbridge

Safeway Raccoon Suspect a Local Hero?

Man attacked by bear near Cooke City

Alaska photographer charged with bear-baiting

Feds: Bears in more danger on threatened list

Contractors pitch in to give bear new pool

A bear ate my iPhone!

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