Friday, July 31, 2009


A Vermont man who protected a moose from attacking dogs when it was young can't protect it from wildlife officers now that it's grown; while a deer that had apparently been hit by a car died in front of a Michigan store. A wildlife biologist discusses coyotes in Georgia; followed by a fascinating article about the secret life of roadrunners that comes to us from Texas (no sign of Wile E. Coyote, however!) An odd-looking beast in the vicinity of Toronto, Canada, has been tentatively identified as a hairless raccoon; but a raccoon upstaged actors in a production of Camelot at an outdoors theater in St. Louis, Missouri. The next article tells readers what to do if they see injured wildlife (particularly raccoons) in Massachusetts. A San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy killed a bear while it was trying to get into a yard in Southern California; beekeepers are learning that the rumors of the black bear's demise in Missouri are greatly exaggerated; and an Ohio community is being warned about an ursine visitor. A homeowner in Valencia, California, found out the hard way that Animal Control doesn't pick up trapped skunks anymore; but a couple of days after a Massachusetts man was bitten by a rabid skunk, a second one has been spotted in the same community. A tiger who was part of a magic act in Nevada teleported itself from its cage into a neighborhood. Cougar saunters through Utah neighborhood: residents yawn. Some background material on the impact of Proposition 117 (which protects cougars in California) and the impact on a family after a cougar attack earlier this month is summed up in the next article. California Fish and Game officials eased people's fears in Hayward, California, by identifying a supposed 'cougar' as just a very large feral kitty; but a kitten found along a road in Pennsylvania turned out to be rabid. Victoria, Australia, has earned the dubious honor of being the state with the highest rat/mice/possum population per house; while a writer from Ohio discusses his battle of wits with a possum determined to room with him. A rancher in New Zealand recalls the battle to eradicate wildlife that was infecting his cattle with Bovine Tuberculosis; but an Illinois family will be forced to give up their pet lemur due to strict laws on owning exotic pets in that state. And finally, a huge python was killed near a veterinary hospital in Florida as the python roundup there continues!

Vermont Says Man Must Give Up Pet Moose

Deer collapses into Kentwood store window, dies

Kammermeyer: Coyotes are just overrated predators

Roadrunners not too fast for AgriLife researcher

The Nature of the Beast

Raccoon entertains Muny audience

What if you find an injured raccoon in Beverly?

Deputy shoots, kills bear near SoCal forest

Precautions Can Prevent Problems with Missouri's Growing Black Bear Population

Bear Witness: Black Bear Spotted Lumbering Around Streetsboro

'Something stinks' in Valencia

Second skunk tests positive for rabies in Norfolk

Tiger Captured In Valley Neighborhood

Mountain lion meanders through Pleasant Grove yard

Cougar attack has residents on edge

Big feline triggers mountain lion scare in Hayward

Kitten found along York County road tests positive for rabies

Victoria a rat's nest

Possums have their place, but it isn't our basement

Waging War on Bovine TB

Lemur Pet Evicted At Lake In The Hills

Biggest python yet is bagged -- a 17-footer

Thursday, July 30, 2009


In our first wildlife story today, quick action and generous donations helped a coalition of organizations save elephants who were dying of thirst in the African nation of Mali. Faced with strict Illinois animal control laws, one town has decided to appeal to professional trappers for help; and the Executive Director of Carolina Wildlife Care spoke with a South Carolina TV reporter about critters. A Canadian town in Ontario province is hoping their new plastic coyote and some reflective streamers will keep Canadian geese away from a popular shoreline. A hawk was apparently sucked into a jet engine, forcing the plane to land in St. Louis; and a new species of songbird has been discovered in the Asian nation of Laos. The Scottish Government was up in arms over the poisoning of another golden eagle; while a pair of bald eagle nesting sites have been identified in Vermont. The Colorado Division of Wildlife provides some tips to backpackers trekking through bear country; but Carson City, Nevada, will begin issuing warnings to residents (and fines to the most unresponsive citizens) if bears get into their trash. A New York resident faced a misdemeanor charge after shooting a black bear that entered his campsite; while a Connecticut man was startled to find a bear staring at him in his front yard. The further escapades of a black bear in Florida that made the news yesterday follows. A Sioux Falls, South Dakota, apartment house played host (inadvertently) to a raccoon convention; but even though there have been a number of articles written about how to deal with raccoons infesting a home, what do you do when it's a Chicago storage unit? Ocean County, New Jersey, health authorities warned residents about the dangers of rabid wildlife in the area; and another day, another rabid skunk, the sixth reported in a New Jersey county. A quick-thinking Texas woman grabbed a raccoon assailant who turned out to be rabid. In a follow-up to a New York Times article about deer ticks, some readers share their thoughts. A deer was killed and two residents of Florida injured when a car hit the deer; and three people were injured when their vehicle struck a deer on a Missouri highway. An animal rights group is vowing to stop the culling of a deer herd in a Kansas park. Next, we take an excursion through deepest, darkest Chicago in search of elusive urban coyotes. Residents of Glendale, California, were warned that a cougar had been seen in the area earlier this week; while there appears to be a cougar prowling around McMinnville, Oregon, as well. Georgian wildlife officials have a mystery on their hands: is the cat they're tracking a mountain lion or an escaped African lion? A New York man is facing criminal charges after passing off an old video as a recent cougar sighting in a state that reportedly doesn't have any cougars. And finally, Academy-Award-winning actor Kevin Costner had a close encounter with a cougar on a British Columbia golf course!

Urgent Action Saves Elephants

Critter problems best left to the experts

Carolina Wildlife Care Stops by News19

Plastic coyote on prowl in battle against geese

Hawk Flies into Jet Engine, Forcing American Airline Plan to Land

Bald-headed, pink-faced songbird discovered

Golden eagle found dead on estate

Two Bald Eagles Fledge in Vt.

Backcountry Hiking 101: How do I avoid bears at camp?

Workshops planned on proposed Carson City bear law

TL man admits killing black bear

Black Bear Surprises Nicholas Drive Man

Black bear switches trees, towns

Need for live animal traps increasing in Sioux Falls

Raccoons infest storage unit, and company won't pay for damage

Residents cautioned about rabies in county

Sixth animal with rabies found in Middlesex County

Rabid raccoon attacks woman

Are Deer the Culprit in Lyme Disease?

Elderly woman, son injured when car hits deer

Three injured after vehicle hits deer in Barton County

A defender of park deer steps forward

Coyote follow-up: five questions with Dan Kelly

Foothill locals warned of lions

Cougar may be on the prowl in McMinnville area

Is a Lion Loose in Hall County?

Cougar Sighting Hoax in Newark

Kevin Costner fends off cougar attack on the golf course

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


An article from Kelly Burgess of Los Angeles Times Outposts about a marijuana bust that occurred in Vermont following investigation of some deer poaching leads off Wildlife News Of The Day today; followed by a warning by US Forest Service from California that informs the unwary that what smells like a skunk in the woods may actually be a marijuana farm! Deer that feed out of people's hands and try to mooch kid's lunches at school are becoming a problem in a town in Manitoba, Canada; but three Canadians were fined for deer poaching in Ontario province. Purdue University will be testing culled deer carcasses to see if they are carrying Bovine Tuberculosis. Another article from Cincinnati, Ohio, quotes an expert on the bad reputation given to coyotes; but livestock owners in Ontario, Canada, are on edge as more and more animals are being killed by coyotes. Another bear was killed in a Florida community when it wandered into traffic; but as bear-human encounters are on the rise, a tussle is bound to break out between animal-rights groups and residents of New Jersey over what to do. Residents (and police) are playing a waiting game with a treed black bear in a northwest Florida neighborhood; however, a contestant in a wheelchair race in Alaska felt that a black bear that eyed her thought that this was a 'meal-on-wheels'! An Oregon man came face-to-face with a bear in his house Saturday night with deadly consequences. The mystery of who was raiding the hummingbird feeders in a South Carolina neighborhood was solved, but the mystery of a lack of hummingbirds at the feeders remains. The dangers of urban wildlife are underscored by an article about how a New York City borough is on a rabies alert; but South Carolina, the last state to give $1,500 rabies shots for free, has had to quit due to budget constraints. An article from North Carolina tells about the battle between homeowners and some stinky, decidedly unwelcome visitors; while the next story shows that at least one Michigan policeman will touch a skunk with a ten-foot pole! A cougar munching on a cat in a British Columbia backyard was tracked down and killed by Canadian wildlife officers. And finally, another of Charles Darwin's theories (not evolution) has been proven by, of all things, jellyfish!

Deer poaching investigation leads to marijuana bust

What To Do If You Encounter A Marijuana Cultivation Site

'Tame' deer run wild in Manitoba town

3 fined for poaching deer in Lanark

Indiana Deer Cull Planned to Test for Bovine Tuberculosis

Expert: Coyotes get bad rap as pet killers

Wily coyotes wreak havoc on area livestock

Second bear killed on interstate

NewsTracker: To hunt or not to hunt as bear run-ins increase

Black bear spotted climbing tree in northwest Fla.

This race proved to be quite a bear

OR man grabs shotgun, kills bear in house

Hummingbirds scarce; in the meantime, wily bandit empties feeders

Queens Goes On Raccoon Alert

Recent rabies incidents reminder to be careful

Pungent pests plague neighborhood

Ironwood police free skunk from yogurt captivity

Cougar shot at Tsulquate

150 years later, Darwin vindicated... by jellyfish

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


First up in wildlife news today, Sam Gowen, of the Orange County Register, sent along an article about a coyote that was caught and euthanized after getting way too comfortable around people at a Southern California park. Reports of a coyote prowling around an Ohio town are provided by the next article; but a writer from that state disputes the claims of others that the Cincinnati area is seeing an increase in coyote attacks on pets. After a small coyote pack was spotted in an Illinois community, wildlife officials provided tips on coexisting; however a cat was badly injured in a coyote attack in Massachusetts. Another trio of bear-hunting dogs has been killed by wolves in Wisconsin. A writer from New York notes the closer proximity of bears to humans; but a black bear in Vancouver, British Columbia, raced up a power pole where it was shocked repeatedly until falling off the pole and being euthanized by law enforcement officers due to its injuries. A large black bear was spotted in a Louisiana parish; but PETA representative and former game show host Bob Barker is meeting with Cherokee leadership in North Carolina to protest treatment of captive bears. A cat who was caught in a bear trap in Michigan was grateful to have survived the experience. A mountain biker from Oregon shares some tips on what to do if you run into a cougar or bear on the trail; while a cougar was spotted by a family in Murrieta, California, last night. A Canadian surveyor was pursued by a cougar in British Columbia. Residents of Alabama communities are encouraged to get their pets vaccinated, as wildlife incursions in that state are increasing. An elderly Massachusetts man on crutches was pursued and bitten by a rabid skunk; and another North Carolina skunk has proved to be rabid. And speaking of skunks, advice on eliminating the skunk stench from a pet is provided by a writer from Kentucky. A paper published in Conservation Biology states that Australia is guilty of indiscriminate wildlife destruction, mainly from land clearing and overlogging, with 300,000 hectares of land affected and perhaps as many as 20 million animals destroyed. A Wyoming trapper discusses the (usually) humane removal of errant wildlife from human settlements. A writer from San Francisco, California, discusses options on dealing with ravenous deer in people's backyards; followed by a New York Times article in which a panel of experts weighs in on the deer tick problem. And finally, for reckless drivers, a Connecticut man may have a good excuse in case they cause an accident: snakes in the car!

Audacious Central Park coyote caught and euthanized

Coyote Spotted in Anderson Township Neighborhood

Coyote attacks in Cincinnati *not* on the rise

Coyotes Roam Park Forest; Watch Small Pets

Raynham family shocked after coyote attack leaves pet cat clinging to life

Wolves kill three more dogs in Wisconsin

Toby Beahan: Wandering black bears move closer to humans

Black bear suffers gruesome death in Coquitlam

Bear looks both ways before crossing street

Bob Barker to Meet With Cherokee Chief Over Bears

Cat caught in bear trap in Ottawa County

If you encounter a cougar or bear on Mount Emily...

Mountain Lion

Man chased by cougar on Discovery Trail

Rabies Vaccination for Pets Encouraged

Norfolk man bitten by rabid skunk

Rabid skunk found

DeFunky that Skunky Dog

Australia one of worst animal destroyers

Cody trapper uses variety of tools, techniques on nuisance animals

Bambi gone wild!

Driver tells Conn. police snakes led to SUV crash

Monday, July 27, 2009


Vowing to fight a ban by the European Union on products 'harvested' during their officially-sanctioned annual seal kills, Canada will appeal to the World Trade Organization, in our first wildlife article today. Now that the crisis is over, those who helped with Victoria's wildlife during and immediately after Black Saturday are getting some much-deserved kudos for their work saving injured wildlife; and a tiny possum is doing well at Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary two months on as well. A unique wildlife sanctuary in Central Kentucky is showcased in the next article; and a small skunk has made quite an impression on a wildlife shelter in the UK. A wildlife rehabilitator in Oklahoma discusses the joys of helping orphaned fawns. A rare Chinese tufted deer was born at Washington's National Zoo; and two herds of extremely rare Visayan spotted deer have been identified in the Philippines. If you think herding cats is tough, two policemen from California would probably suggest that you try herding deer! An elderly woman was hospitalized after a deer crashed through the windshield of the car in which she was riding in Michigan; while a motorcyclist in Oregon was killed when a deer collided with his motorcycle Saturday. Faced with double the optimal number of deer in West Virginia, wildlife officials are debating what to do; but Ohio is sticking to their deer management plan so that state doesn't suffer the same fate. Controversy swirls around a proposed change to Michigan's deer season. A spike in rabies cases in a North Carolina county has health officials concerned. The dramatic comeback of bald eagles in Ohio is tabulated in the next story. Law enforcement officers had to shoot an invasive black bear in a Boulder, Colorado, home, one of several bear break-ins in that community over the past few days; and a bear attacked 20 people in India before being caught. Residents and students at Kent State University in Ohio have been warned about a large black bear rummaging through trash bins; but a home-made bear-zapper caused a 7-year-old to stop breathing after she inadvertently touched it in Pennsylvania. A former policeman from Maryland had his retirement dream in Wyoming turned into a nightmare when a grizzly jumped him; and three orphaned grizzly bears have reached their new home, a zoo in Memphis, Tennessee. An avid hunter reported a definite cougar sighting in Georgia, a state bereft of cougars for many years; while the second sighting in two days of a cougar in California's capital has residents on edge. A Texas wildlife expert helps readers discern between coyotes and foxes; followed by the tragic history of the Mexican gray wolves in the American Southwest. And finally, the scary tale of a wildlife expert chasing a huge python through a water pipe in Florida - unarmed!

Canada to take seal ban fight to WTO

Possum posse

Possum earns stripes

Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary helps animals, people recover from life's traumas

Whiff of mystery as skunk appears

Dear, darling deer

Tufted Deer Fawn Born at National Zoo Conservation Center

Visayan Spotted Deer: World’s Rarest Deer Spotted in Philippines

Deppe: Special thanks to our 'deer' policemen

87-year-old woman recovering from car crash with deer in Mecosta County

Portland man dies when deer hits the side of his motorcycle

Deer Population Is Growing Concern

Quality deer management is a year-round commitment

Hunters take aim at deer season proposal

Area rabies cases on the rise

Bald eagle reproduction in Ohio shows continued success

Homeowner shoots bear invader with shotgun

Wild bear captured in Jajpur

Hungry Bear: Kent State University Warns Students About Black Bear Sighting Near Campus

Girl okay after being zapped by illegal bear deterrent device

Wyoming Man Recounts Grizzly Bear Attack

Baby Grizzly Bears Arrive at Memphis Zoo

Big cat spotted in Braselton

Mountain lion seen again

Coyotes and foxes both make appearances in Austin

Recovery of Mexican gray wolves remains elusive

Captured Python Believed to Be Biggest in FL County

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Danish scientists have found that a hawk's wing provides the best example of how they should form the blades of wind turbines; while a trio of bald eagles was released back into the wild at a ceremony in Virginia today. A cougar was seen for a second time near California's capital on Friday; but Wyoming wildlife officers shot a cougar they felt was getting too comfortable around humans. A motorist in Maine had a serious accident after swerving to avoid hitting a deer. The School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University in Alabama is sponsoring a series of seminars on deer management in August. A doe and two fawns had a family outing in a Michigan town; but the hunter has become the hunted, as Oregon authorities search for a poacher. A rabid raccoon was discovered in a Florida neighborhood; and residents of a Pennsylvania community received warnings about rabid wildlife after an infected raccoon was euthanized. Coyotes are thinning the cat population in a Ontario, Canada, settlement; and a West Virginia writer comments on the same phenomenon in that state. A writer from Arizona comments on sensibilities regarding coyotes in the area; but warnings to residents of a Massachusetts community frequented by coyotes have been dispensed by wildlife officials. Some advice on encounters with wild animals is provided by a writer from Colorado. Never underestimate the craftiness of bears, as one in New York's Adirondacks proved by opening a 'bear-proof' food container! A black bear in North Carolina was seen near a senior center, prompting calls to law enforcement officers. And finally, a bear in Atlanta was in a real pickle (jar) for four weeks!

Wind Turbine Blade Would Mimic Hawk Wing for Extended Life

Rescued eagles set free in Virginia

Mountain Lion Spotted In West Sac, Twice In 1 Week

Game official kills mountain lion near Newcastle

Man suffers minor injuries in SUV versus deer rollover

Deer management seminar offered

Deer in the city of Jackson cause disturbance

State seeks help in deer shot with arrow in South Eugene

Health officials: Raccoon tested positive for rabies

Rabid raccoon found in Little Buffalo State Park

Coyotes taking cats along natural trail

Keep cats indoors for their own safety and wildlife's

Coyotes that attack birds and pets are no big surprise

State advises caution around coyotes

Wildlife adventures in high country pose threat to unsuspecting visitors

Bear-Proof Can Is Pop-Top Picnic for a Crafty Thief

Beware of bear

Bear Survives 4 Weeks With Pickle Jar On Head

Friday, July 24, 2009


In another reminder that size matters, scientists have confirmed that toucans radiate excessive body heat from their enormous bills (an important feature, since birds don't sweat), in our first wildlife article today; but Washington state officials have confirmed that a red-tailed hawk was infected with West Nile virus. An Op-Ed piece from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, recollects the lives of two pet turkeys in regards to local intolerance to deer; followed by a story about how the mystery of a poached deer in Oregon was solved. An Indiana community discusses plans for a deer hunt within the city limits in the next article; and an example of resulting deer problems follows, as an Indiana youth who avoided hitting a deer hit two trees instead! Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources is asking citizens for feedback on their ideas about hunting; while a botanical garden in North Carolina is resorting to a deer hunt to save the flora from the fauna! The thorny issue of elk hunting as the population declines, apparently due to federally-protected gray wolves, is tackled by this article from Wyoming. Love is in the air (causing bears to be in the backyard) in Virginia; but a bear in Florida expired after collisions with three vehicles. A resident of San Dimas, California, called police when a black bear decided to pick some fruit from their apple tree; and police in a New Jersey township had a busy week: one hungry bear and one crazed groundhog! A warning about rabies and some tips on avoiding infection is provided by the next article from California; but New Jersey health officials determined that they had another rabies case after testing a raccoon; and a raccoon in North Carolina tested positive for rabies as well. Canadian officials provide safety tips to residents of British Columbia; something which officials in a Minnesota community might consider doing, as the residents are on edge after the sighting of a cougar, a rare occurrence in that state. A writer discusses the virtues of having coyotes in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois, and presents some interesting numbers on coyote survival in the city versus in the countryside. Homeowners in an Oregon community are being warned about coyotes in the area. And finally, an Illinois community has its own version of the La Brea Tar Pits, which trapped a pair of feral dogs and a possum (but it seems unlikely that a name like 'The East Saint Louis Garbage Pit' would prove much of a tourist attraction).

Hot secret behind toucan's bill

Hawk near Prosser tests positive for West Nile virus

Letters: Pet turkey raises question about geese and deer

Creswell deer poaching suspects cited

City Eyes Deer Task Force Recommendations

Darting deer causes Bristol teen to crash car

State wants feedback on hunting proposals

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to allow deer hunting to protect flowers

Commission weighs cuts to elk licenses near Cody

Staunton bear invasion continues

Bear hit by 3 vehicles dies on Fla. highway

Bear wanders downhill for apple breakfast in San Dimas

Boonton Twp. cops mace groundhog, respond to brazen bear

Rabies found in Monterey County

Fourth rabid animal turns up in Monroe

Rabid raccoon caught in Hope Mills

Cougar safety tips and precautions from the pros

Mountain Lion Spotted in Eden Prairie?

Chicago's Coyotes Will Probably Not Eat Your Pets (Probably)

Coyotes spotted in Keizer

East St. Louis Cops Need Help Freeing Stuck Animals

Thursday, July 23, 2009


A bike rider tells the tale of her encounter with a black bear in British Columbia in our first wildlife story today; followed by the story of an abused brown bear that now resides at the Houston Zoo who had a bit of dental work done (this is definitely one instance in which the dentist wants to use enough Novocain!) A North Carolina restaurateur had an ursine visitor whom he feted; but residents of a Washington community were warned about a black bear roaming their neighborhood looking for food. A black bear was spotted near a Florida tourist resort; and an Alaskan community heard about the responsibility of residents to control 'bear attractants', like trash. The shortcomings of trash bin design in Ontario, Canada, is pointed out in a letter to the editor. A Santa Rosa, California, resident recounts her chilling encounter with a cougar at her home; while the discovery of three mauled deer carcasses alerted officials in Oakland Hills, California, that a cougar was in the area. A resident of Lake County, California, was shocked to see a cougar drinking out of her dog's water bowl; and a Canadian couple was startled by a cougar who crossed the road in front of them in the Northwest Territories. A little background material on brainworms in ungulates is up next; followed by the story of a New Jersey township that has voted down a motion to allow bow hunting of deer within the city. A rare albino red-tailed hawk was spotted in Montana; a dive-bombing Swainson's hawk in Saskatchewan, Canada, is the subject of the next item; and three eagles will be released back into the wild in Virginia this weekend. An outdoorsman from North Carolina discusses, among other things, the abundance of skunks in the area. And finally, New Mexico wildlife officials are debating whether to put a jackrabbit on the Endangered Species list or not (say what?!?)

Tales from the road: Chased by a bear - Part 2

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you feel?

Downtown bear sighting the talk of the town

Black bears spotted in Gig Harbor’s urban areas

Bear sighted on Amelia Island

Soldotna Council Hears About Bear Attractants

Green bins need raccoon proofing

She came face-to-face with a mountain lion in her yard

Police Warn Of Mountain Lion In Oakland Hills

Mountain lion spotted in Nice; warden offers tips for dealing with big cats

Cougar crossing: rare cat spotted on N.W.T. highway

Ask Eric: How do deer get brainworm?

Twp. will not allow bow hunting of deer on municipal land

Tell-tale red tail tells us white bird's a hawk

Threatening hawk suspends mail delivery

Va center to make 1st triple release of eagles

Striped skunks creating many problems for outdoorsmen

Multiplying like bunnies? Not this jackrabbit

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


First up in wildlife news today, a California wildlife columnist provides some advice on dealing with raccoons, hummingbirds, and others; but a French adventurer's pet bald eagle got cold feet about joining his owner in a flight across the English Channel. The executive director of the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota is protesting the shooting of two nesting hawks, which left the Center responsible for raising their chick; followed by some information on Colorado's Swainson hawk. Wisconsin game officials, still struggling with the unpopular 'Earn-A-Buck' deer-hunting program are seeking wisdom on substitutes; but deer on the highway caused a five-car pileup in Vermont. A New York community is having a heated debate about controlling the deer population in their area; while Boston police had a merry chase yesterday as they tried to capture a deer in the city. A letter protesting the planned deer hunt in Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas, drew some interesting replies. A motorcycle accident in Kansas was being blamed on a coyote in the road; and another coyote was captured on video in a North Carolina neighborhood. A Canadian swears he will never take his dog on nature walks in British Columbia again after a cougar nearly made off with the pooch; followed by some background material on the cougar population in British Columbia. A Virginia resident insists his dog was injured by a cougar, even though officials assured him there are none in that state; while a Canadian farmer contends that a cougar is savaging his herd, not a coyote, as Ontario officials maintain. Rabid raccoons continue to appear in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Police in a North Carolina community are searching for a black bear who ran right in front of one of their patrol cars; and a black bear in New Jersey stopped by for a rabbit snack, much to the chagrin of the owner of the rabbit. With tourists staying away due to the news of an ursine visitor to the local campground, business owners in Forest Falls, California, are learning what a 'bear market' really means! Police in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, have a mystery on their hands: who shot a black bear rummaging through garbage in an alley? And finally, a black bear in Aspen, Colorado, was ready for his close-up, but there was no one at the TV studio, so he raided the fridge instead!

Gary Bogue: Be careful when you see that 'very cute face"

Paraglider's eagle flies the other way

Attacking hawks don't need to be killed, center says

Close-up: Swainson's hawk

Online Survey Seeks Opinions on Deer Herd Control Alternatives

Deer causes crash on I-89 in Bolton

Cayuga Heights studies deer-reduction costs

D’oh! A deer in Roxbury

Killing deer isn’t only option

Coyote causes crash that injures Washington motorcyclist

Coyote caught on video in West Charlotte

Man saves dog from cougar

Cougar sightings up

Middle River mountain lion?

Farmer sticking to cougar tale

Another rabid raccoon found in Greenbrier

Police on lookout for black bear in Mount Holly

Black bear spotted wandering the streets in Wayne

Forest Falls bear scare hurting businesses

Bear shot in downtown Steamboat

Bears in Aspen on another July tear

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our first three wildlife articles today deal with deer issues: the reward offered for information on a deer poaching incident in Oregon has been bumped up; a Woodland, California, motorcyclist was seriously injured when he collided with a deer Saturday; and a buck crashed through the window of a dentist office in a New York state mall. The exploits of a coyote hunter in Alabama, a state which considers it open season on what they classify as a nuisance animal, is next; and, fearing for the safety of their children, residents of an Illinois town say they will act to curb the coyote influx even if the authorities will not. A report from Massachusetts about a cat spirited away by a coyote has pet owners on edge; while the coyote population is continuing to spread into more parts of Pinellas County, Florida. The connection between skunks and rabies in North Carolina is explored in the next item; but while many articles have highlighted the danger of rabies to residents of rural areas, now there are even rabies reports coming out of New York City! Two cougar sightings from California: an agitated cougar was seen outside a home in Penn Valley; and another has been spotted in Redwood City. Arizona Game & Fish officials are perplexed about the significant uptick in bear sightings in parts of that state; while an Alaska man is being charged with misdemeanors for shooting four bears, including cubs. A look at Mississippi's burgeoning black bear population is up next; followed by the reflections of a Canadian on interactions with raccoons in the province of Manitoba. The debate over a service road by Washington D.C.'s Office of Homeland Security that may disturb a bald eagle's nest is revisited by an article from The Washington Post. And finally, a colony of pinnipeds in San Diego, California, received a 'seal of approval' from California's governor, much to the delight of environmentalists.

Reward increased in deer poaching case

Guinda man hits deer on Hwy. 16

Deer crashes through dentist office window in Greece

Coyote hunter avenges pet cat's death

Stopping Coyotes in their Tracks

Coyote Snatches Cat Off Porch

Coyote migration puts yacht club residents on alert

Skunk's smell isn't only issue

Manhattan Rabies Scare

Mountain lion spotted outside home, hissing and growling

Mountain lion sighting reported this morning in Redwood City

Bear sightings register huge increase

Man who shot 4 bears faces misdemeanor charges

Black Bear "couple" tagged

Midnight ramblers

Road Could Chase Off Eagle Pair, D.C., Park Service Officials Say

Popular San Diego seals win reprieve from governor

Monday, July 20, 2009


In wildlife news today, the exploits of a joey rejected by his mom at a Louisiana wildlife preserve are chronicled; followed by a look at a New Jersey refuge that is currently caring for a pack of hungry bear cubs. Two bear stories from Virginia: motorists were backed up on the road that runs through Shenandoah National Park after a bear and her cub crossed the road; while a newspaper had a local story about the capture of a black bear to report - right behind their office! An injured black bear may have to be put down by authorities in Northern California; but a woman in New Haven, Connecticut, got quite a surprise when she spotted a black bear in her yard. Aspen, Colorado, police had a variety of calls about hungry bears this past weekend. Another peril of backyard feeding of deer is underscored in a tale from Oregon; while authorities in that state are looking for a poacher who dumped a butchered buck deer on a street. A trio of deer-vehicle collision stories today: a South Carolina couple whose motorcycle collided with a deer were both hospitalized; an Indiana motorcyclist broke her collarbone in a collision with a deer; and four people died when their vehicle collided with a deer in Wyoming. A controversial deer hunt in Placer County, California, is generating a heated response from animal rights activists; but faced with an overpopulation of red deer, authorities are considering reintroducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands. And finally, size matters, as was demonstrated by a hawk from North Carolina whose wide wingspan evidently started a wildfire.

La. menagerie keeper adds 'roo pouch to outfits

Eight orphaned bear cubs being raised at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

Shenandoah National Park Bear Sighting

Black bear captured behind News Leader

Big bear injured along Highway 44

Bear spotted in New Haven

A busy weekend for bear activity

Diseased-deer deaths spread

Buck deer killed, dumped at end of city street

Two riders hospitalized after deer hits motorcycle in Aiken County

A Collision With a Deer Sends a Motorcyclist to the Hospital

4 Coloradans Die In Wyoming Crash Involving Deer

Youth doe hunt draws fire

Wolf Reintroduction Proposed In Scottish Highland Test Case

Hawk Causes Brush Fire In Greer

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The hazards of leaving bottles and other recyclables within reach of raccoons and other wildlife is underscored by an article from Massachusetts as wildlife news begins; followed by the musings of a resident of Southern California who browbeats Brooklynites about their apparent fear of raccoons (evidently not considering the danger from rabies, bacteria, and lethal worms in their feces). The horrific life of a black bear used to train hunting dogs has taken a turn for the better in Indiana; but a nuisance bear was killed by wildlife officials in Vail, Colorado. A Montana homeowner shot a bear that got into his garbage and chicken coop; and a farmer near Pueblo, Colorado, reported a number of livestock had been killed by a bear. Human-bear encounters are growing in New York's Hudson Valley; even as rabies cases are on the rise in one New Jersey county. A cougar was reported in California's capital this morning, but after a fruitless five hours, authorities called off the search; but Motown is getting some foxy new residents. A new study on coyotes from Arizona shows that housecats are making up nearly half of an urban coyote's diet; but they also favor small dogs, as the next item from Connecticut shows. A motorcyclist who struck a deer in Ohio on Wednesday has died. And finally, as the hunt for invasive pythons in Florida's Everglades gets underway, herpetologists wonder how many they'll actually have to collect, since they lay 100 eggs at a time!

Improper disposal of recyclables can cause big problems for wild animals in Western Mass.

Scared of a Raccoon?

Once dog bait, bear finds sanctuary at Albion park

Vail Valley: Bear caught, killed in Wolcott

Blue Creek man shoots black bear rooting in his garbage, says it "was not a difficult shot"

Bear Attacks

Bear threats to humans grow

Health Department issues rabies alert

Update: Mountain lion hunt in West Sacramento called off

Red foxes moving to downtown Detroit

House cats big diet for coyotes

Coyote kills two dogs in Wolcott

Fostoria motorcyclist who struck deer dies

1st day of Fla. hunt nets nearly 10-foot python

Friday, July 17, 2009


First up in wildlife news today, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officers were forced to shoot a nesting pair of broad-winged hawks which repeatedly attacked people nearing their nest, after attempts to capture them failed; and the next article, from West Virginia, emphasizes the importance of keeping pets current on their rabies shots. A hunter discusses the purpose for hunting in Utah; but obviously not everyone feels that way, as one member of the Conservation Commission's Deer Management Subcommittee of a Connecticut community found out when she felt threatened by an animal rights group opposed to culling deer. New York homeowners are faced with a family of skunks and no help from the authorities in removing them; but local Canadian officials are offering free traps to residents of a Manitoba community that has an overabundance of skunks due to flooding. A Utah resident recalls her memories of seeing bears and some basic rules for visits to bear habitats; but a campground in Arizona suffered a fate similar to one at Forest Falls, California, earlier this week: closure due to bear activity. The island of Borneo will be the site of a new preserve for endangered Sun Bears, housing over 40 of these rare animals. A study from Montana State University may bode ill for grey wolves, as it points out that elk in the area are being seriously impacted by the growing wolf population. It took a combined effort by Sammamish, Washington, city workers and firefighters to get a pair of coyote pups who had gotten stuck in a storm drain out of trouble; but the next two articles show that an abundance of coyotes has residents of two Massachusetts communities (Salem and Andover) living in fear for their pets. A camper in Wyoming had to defend himself from a cougar attack with a chainsaw; while the next article asks the question: Is there really a cougar in Maine? US Postal Service carriers are used to fending off pesky dogs, but one in Montana had a brief encounter with a feline that was a bit bigger! A Washington state zoo is now home to a pair of endangered Bengal tiger cubs, one of which is royal white. And finally, a flotilla of 'carnivorous calamari' has descended on the Southern California coast, making life miserable for swimmers and surfers.

DNR kills hawks that had plagued residents

Pet owners choose to euthanize after bouts with rabid animals

Deer hunters serve purpose

Deer management subcommittee members feeling threatened

Skunks Present A Smelly Problem

New residents stink up Montcalm

Bear memories

Black bear activity forces campground closure

Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre To Be Built In Sepilok

MSU study: Wolves affecting Yellowstone elk

Wildlife rescue - city workers free trapped coyote from storm water drain

Coyotes plaguing city neighborhood

Police warn residents to keep an eye out for coyotes, protect pets

Man uses chain saw in Wyo. mountain lion attack

Mountain lion still a mythical creature in area

Mail carrier on route east of Crookston says mountain lion ran across road

Brother Bengal tiger cubs now call Cougar Mtn. Zoo home

Heads Up! Flying Jumbo Squid by the Thousands

Thursday, July 16, 2009


In wildlife news today, our first article underscores the importance of wildlife corridors in California; followed by another cautionary tale about taking in stray wildlife, this time from Kansas. Queensland, Australia's, wildlife carers are showcased in the next article. A Michigan community has decided not to allow a deer hunt within the city limits; but an Ohio motorcyclist suffered serious injuries after hitting a deer in the road. The next doping scandal may not have to do with athletes, but with whitetail deer in Texas! Officials are getting ready to distribute rabies-vaccine bait on Long Island, New York, to reduce the number of rabid raccoons in the area; while police in an Ohio community had a trio of masked bandit calls to deal with this past week. After an autopsy, wildlife officials have determined that a bear that fell from a tree in Rochester, New York, a few days ago was not killed by the fall as was originally thought. Bears and cougars in western Wisconsin are discussed next. Police in Arcata, California, received two alerts from residents about cougars in the area; and the reasons behind cougar hunting in Utah are explored. A Fremont, California, woman had a close encounter of the coyote kind while walking her dog; but after many articles on co-existing with coyotes, this next article from Michigan discusses the reasons for hunting them. And finally, sounding like the start of a bad joke, the title for the next item could be: 'How many doctors does it take to care for a baby hawk?'

Coyote Valley vital as wildlife corridor

Dudley: Ferret with rabies means vaccinate your pets

Carer comes to possum's aid

City says 'no' to controlled deer hunt

Fostoria biker seriously injured after striking deer

Juiced-up ... deer? Say it ain't so!

Suffolk prepares rabies vaccine bait for raccoons

Strongsville police identify suspects, even though they're wearing masks

DEC: Bear did not die from fall

Lamb Column: Rumors and cougars and bears, oh my

Two mountain lion sightings in Arcata

Cougar hunting

Fremont woman and her dog escape coyote as Milpitas worker intervenes

Coyote hunting in MI opens today!

Doctor trio cares for injured baby hawk

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In wildlife news today, a Massachusetts researcher has reported that dogs don't have a corner on the barking market; while a new study on the Australian perspective on bushtail possums shows a distinctly conflicted attitude is common. A Wisconsin county, dissatisfied with the verdict handed down in two animal cruelty cases over deer kills, will appeal the rulings; while Hanford, Washington, construction crews had a deviation from plans when a fawn was trapped in one of their excavations. Faced with overbrowsing of a wildlife park by deer, a deer hunt has been authorized in a New Jersey community. A plucky goat survived a bear attack in Aspen, Colorado; and a repeat offender bear was caught and relocated into the Wyoming wilderness. Alaskans have killed 13 bears in encounters so far this year, up from an average of 5 annually; but the antics of a friendly bear mooching off of picnickers in Forest Falls, California, has forced officials to close the campground. A pair of raccoons in a Minnesota suburb had to be rescued when the dumpster they were in got dumped into a trash truck. Fears that a baby raccoon that attended a Fourth of July party in Salem, Massachusetts, was rabid has prompted health authorities to issue a public warning; but Ontario, Canada, has announced that rabies incursions from the US have been halted and that the province has a rabies-free raccoon population. A New Jersey lab has confirmed that a raccoon killed over the weekend was indeed rabid; and a discussion of rabies in Louisiana follows. A look at grey wolves west of Michigan is undertaken by the next article. After a trio of cougars were shot within the past week for stalking humans, British Columbia officials are warning people to be wary of the big cats; and a park reopened in that province after a cougar attack last week, but authorities are keeping an eye out for the cougar. We finish up today with a couple of snake stories: Florida wildlife officials are trying to get a grip on their python problem as they send in trappers; while police in Quincy, Illinois, have issued an APB (apprehend pet boa) after an 8-footer escaped from its enclosure.

Not Only Dogs, But Deer, Monkeys And Birds Bark To Deal With Conflict

Aussies love/hate possums

State to appeal deer charges dismissal

Oh, deer! Hanford workers rescue fawn

Deer hunt in Jockey Hollow eyed

Touché the goat survives bear attack

Wyoming bear caught in Rozet had previous run-in

Bear encounters, deaths on the rise in Mat-Su

Bear Threat Closes Picnic Area

Salem issues raccoon alert; two begin rabies shots

Vaccination program stops raccoon rabies at border

Raccoon found, killed in Monroe yard tests positive for rabies

Spread of rabies growing concern in Louisiana

As Michigan's wolves bounce back, federal focus should move west

Princeton cops issue 'killer' cougar warning

Pinnacles reopened, cougar still missing

Florida ready to unleash 'python posse'

8-foot boa constrictor on the loose in Quincy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A Los Angeles Times writer contrasts Arkansas' urban deer hunt with Southern California sensibilities in our first wildfire story today; but in the wake of the dismissal of animal cruelty charges in the case of three Wisconsin men accused of running down deer with their snowmobiles, a bill has been introduced that would make such actions criminal. A deer crossing a road in Pennsylvania caused a chain reaction accident. The third shooting of a bear in Utah has authorities examining the problem; and a radio-collared grizzly sow who attacked hunters in Idaho has been identified by wildlife officials. A quick-thinking woman in Cape Coral, Florida, did the right thing when she encountered a black bear; but police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, fearing for the safety of residents, shot a black bear that was rummaging through trash cans Monday night. Declining to add a black bear to their foursomes, golfers let the visitor play through their tournament in Arizona. A couple of unorthodox remedies for gopher infestations are highlighted in the next article. In what appears to be an increasing trend, more human-wildlife encounters are being reported in Canada as homes move into wilderness areas. The story of a breeding pair of eagles that was displaced from an airport near Baltimore, Maryland, had a happy ending as they are raising a pair of eaglets elsewhere now; but controversy still swirls around a Native American ritual that was interrupted when a decapitated eagle was disturbed by a hiker in Colorado. A hawk that plummeted through the windshield of an SUV in Michigan has been taken to a wildlife rehab center for treatment. A Canadian was attacked by wildlife on a bridge in British Columbia, however the exact species is unknown at this time. California Fish & Game officials have warned residents of Northern California towns to be wary after dusk since cougars have been spotted in the area; while the sighting of a cougar in San Mateo, California, last week has been followed by another sighting this week. The dangers of inbreeding is being brought home by the plight of wolves on Michigan's Isle Royale; however Washington state wildlife officials have now confirmed that there are at least two grey wolf packs in that state. And finally, an orangutan went for a little stroll outside her enclosure at an Australian zoo!

Urban deer hunts a 'touchy subject' but a reality in parts of Arkansas

Appleton legislator seeks law changes on heels of deer slaughter decisions

Deer creates chaos on Route 283

Camper kills another Utah bear

Fish & Game ID Grizzly Bear That Attacked Hunters

Officials warn: Active bears roam for food and mates in the summer months

Winston-Salem Police Shoot, Kill Bear

Rain delays, now bear delays

Action Line: Gopher problem? Try laxatives or castor oil

Predators strike back as urban sprawl takes over the landscape

Rousted eagles produce two soon-to-be fledglings

Ruined rite with bald eagle upsets Native Americans

Hawk flies into SUV on I-196, causes two-vehicle crash west of interchange with I-96

RCMP investigate possible cougar attack

Residents Report Several Mountain Lions

Two mountain lion sightings reported in San Mateo

N. Minn. Researchers Find Arthritis Killing Wolves

Second wolf pack confirmed in Washington

Orangutan escapes enclosure at Australian zoo

Monday, July 13, 2009


In wildlife news today, animal rights activists were upset with Canadians for spooking two deer off a bridge; but an Ohio motorcyclist who struck a deer over the weekend is in serious condition at a hospital; while, with eleven deaths from deer-auto collisions in Iowa in 2007, concern over a burgeoning whitetail population is voiced in the next article, which includes a snapshot of states with high deer populations. Talk about a wild goose chase - Sika deer in Scotland who whistle were evidently mistaken for hikers in trouble, causing a great deal of confusion for would-be rescuers! The Millville Predator Research Facility in Utah is profiled in a detailed look at coyotes; but a New Haven, Connecticut, couple is mourning the loss of their Yorkie, apparently to a coyote. An Op-Ed from the Detroit News argues against protection of gray wolves in Michigan; while four dogs belonging to bear hunters have been killed by wolves in Wisconsin over the past week. In the wake of protests over a dead bald eagle being linked to Sioux religious practices, a conference will be held in Boulder, Colorado, to explain the situation; and in a followup to an article presented last week, a resident of Washington DC pleads for help in stopping Department of Homeland Security from evicting a nesting pair of eagles as new construction is underway in their woods. Staff at the Possum Centre, in West Australia, are nursing a baby pygmy possum about an inch long back to health. A Vermont community is on edge after a skunk that visited the area tested positive for rabies. There are a lot more bears in Wisconsin than there were twenty years ago, according to a recent study; but law enforcement authorities are warning people in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that there are bears in the area. A family in Ontario, Canada, is concerned that a bear who ripped a hole in their garage may return; and, fearing for the safety of residents, police in Amherst, New York, shot a bear Saturday night. A New Jersey park was closed after a bear was reported in the area on Sunday. And finally, even raccoons have their day in a trendy New York City store!

Tribute for deer killed when spooked by impatient drivers

UPDATE: Name, condition released in deer-motorcycle crash

Deer population increases in Iowa

'Whistling' deer spark searches

Controlling wily coyotes? Still no easy answers

Family believes coyote got their pet

Editorial: State has reasonable plan for sustaining wolves

Wisconsin DNR: Wolves kill 4 dogs in last week

Indian advocates explain use of bald eagle parts for religious purposes

Protect the Eagles at St. Elizabeths

Possum Polly a particularly petite patient

Rabies warning issued in Bellows Falls

Wis. bear population up sixfold over last 20 years

Police: beware of bears in Winston-Salem

Bear breeds fear in family

Police shoot, kill bear in upstate NY suburb

Bear sighting closes Bergen County park

What Recession? Even Raccoons Go Shopping

Saturday, July 11, 2009


First up in wildlife news today, two zoos in Massachusetts may have to close, forcing the owners into the possibility of euthanizing some of the animals; but a seldom-considered aspect of urban wildlife, protecting backyard ponds from being pillaged by critters is discussed next. Rabies is on the rise in Greenbrier County, West Virginia - 20 cases so far this year versus 39 over the previous eight years; while a rabid raccoon was also encountered in a Central Virginia park. Idaho wildlife officials corralled a wayward black bear and returned it to the wild; but law enforcement officials are drawing heat for killing a bear in Wisconsin. Residents of Amherst, New York, have reported a black bear in the area; and a black bear attempting to hide in parking garage in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was apprehended by authorities yesterday. A young hunter from Washington state who shot a hiker he mistook for a bear has been sentenced; and the elderly Ohio woman who killed a fawn with a shovel has turned herself in. A writer from Arkansas details the various problems, including diseases, that feeding deer can foster. Michigan officials are looking into deer poaching allegations with a backdrop of public resistance to efforts in culling the deer population; but officials in New Jersey cited income of over $20,000 earned from permits to hunt deer. Details on South Dakota's projected cougar hunting season are provided by the next article. An airport in Manitoba, Canada, is considering removal of coyotes who occasionally run onto the landing strip; and with an estimated 40,000 coyotes in Pennsylvania, encounters with humans are on the rise. More details on pending gray wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho are discussed in an item from the Los Angeles Times; while wildlife cameras have revealed a wolf pack that has established itself in Washington state. A raptor seminar will allow residents of South Carolina to get a close look at these birds of prey; but attempts to rescue a grounded eagle in Florida have proved unsuccessful so far. With over 600 nesting sites identified in Virginia, a website that lists their locations could be a birder's delight. And finally, the mystery of two stolen eagles was finally solved 30 years after they disappeared.

Zoos Fear Forced Closure, Destruction of Animals

Protecting the pond from pests

State hygienic laboratory reports another positive test for rabies virus

Rabid Raccoon Found Inside Maymont Park

Game and Fish captures bear near Rozet

Wis. officials defend bear kill

Black Bear Sighting in Town of Amherst

Bear caught visiting downtown Springs

WA teen who mistook hiker for bear gets 30 days

75-Year-Old Deer Killer Surrenders

Feeding deer associated with a human and deer illnesses

Muskegon Co. officials investigating alleged deer poaching

Hunterdon County Freeholders approve parkland deer hunt

State locks down season for hunting mountain lion

Coyotes may have to be shot at airport

Hiker Has Encounter With Coyote At North Park

Montana, Idaho hunters to set sights on gray wolves

Signs of wolf pack found in Pend Oreille County

Hawks and owls will be present at raptor seminar

Grounded bald eagle prompts rescue effort

Bald-eagle nest sites in Va. listed online

2 stolen eagles returned home - 30 years after being stolen from Central Park

Friday, July 10, 2009


Our first wildlife article was submitted by Sam Gowen of the Orange County Register about a black-crowned night heron that was caught in a tree in Fullerton, California; but a Colorado family has some unexpected expenses ahead, as expensive rabies shots have to be administered after a rabid bat got into their house. Families with children at a Texas summer camp were upset about a teenage counselor killing a possum and her babies with an axe. An outdoorsman provides some insight into hunting dog encounters with rattlesnakes, something which results in 150,000 snakebites annually. A pair of Virginia residents came out the worse for a collision between their ATV and a deer; while a nursing doe that was rescued from a mud pit in Minnesota was too badly traumatized by the experience and had to be euthanized. A black bear has been seen wandering through an Ohio town; but a bear's shooting in Alaska has spurred a debate about proper garbage storage. A sow and two cubs are causing a ruckus in an Ontario, Canada, community as they hunt for food. The trials and tribulations of a Salem, Massachusetts, family that took in a young raccoon provide a perfect example of why not to adopt wildlife; and an aggressive raccoon, apparently protecting family members, kept a pair of youths trapped in a swimming pool in Pennsylvania. The president of the Eastern Cougar Foundation debunks some misconceptions about cougars in Maine; while a trio of cougar cubs who were separated from their aggressive mother, have been taken to a zoo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A cougar sighting in San Mateo County, California, has residents on edge. And finally, motorists in New Brunswick, Canada, had a skunk with its head stuck in a cup to contend with!

Endangered bird rescued after snagged in tree

Rabid bat found in Morgan

Parents upset after camp counselor kills possums with ax in front of kids

Time to protect our dogs from snakes

1 dead, 1 hurt in Chesterfield when ATV hits deer

Deer rescued from mud can't be saved

Bear spotted in Chillicothe

Bear shot in Muldoon

Aggressive bear prowls west end

Salem family's 'pet' raccoon bites child

Raccoon keeps kids from getting out of pool

Myths, misconceptions about mountain lions

Three new cougar kittens come to the Saskatoon zoo

Possible mountain lion sighting reported near Woodside

Skunk Crossing

Thursday, July 9, 2009


In wildlife news today, the problems (and cost) of invasive species coming to the US are examined; but environmental groups are concerned that human activity could have contributed to the deaths of three Mexican gray wolf pups in New Mexico. Ohio University's Lancaster Campus will be hosting a coyote awareness talk 7/16; detailed information on dealing with coyotes and foxes in Pennsylvania is provided by the next item; and North Carolina residents are being warned not to let dogs run free in the woods due to denning coyote attacks. The former chief executive officer of the Piedmont Environmental Council had an unexpected encounter with nature in the kitchen of his Virginia home! Arizona Game and Fish euthanized a black bear they felt had become too familiar with people; and black bears are more numerous in Wisconsin than anyone knew, apparently. A small group of protesters decried the slaughter of raccoons accused of devastating birds' nests in a Maine park; followed by a story in which Oklahoma wildlife officials provide pointers for keeping raccoons from becoming permanent residents (and the reasons why you shouldn't feed them). As a Virginia youth can attest, you don't just have to watch out for rabid wildlife outside - he was bitten by a rabid raccoon in his bedroom! A pair of rabid skunks brings the total in one West Virginia county to two dozen for the year so far. A Michigan motorcyclist died after he collided with a deer in the road. Unwilling to turn their open spaces into 'killing fields' protesters in Fairfield, Connecticut, are opposed to sanctioning a deer hunt; but bovine TB in an 80-head elk herd has forced Indiana wildlife officials to recommend euthanasia for the entire herd. Deep divisions between wildlife officials, farmers, and ranchers over cougars and livestock were revealed by a meeting last night in Hollister, California. A family is perplexed as to why Colorado wildlife officials refused to capture and relocate a cougar their dogs had treed; and the British Columbia park where a child was attacked by a cougar remains closed. And finally, keep an eye on squirrels near dikes in your area - one Washington community didn't and had a flood!

South Florida's killer pythons capture U.S. attention

Groups seek federal probe of NM wolf pup deaths

Discussion to address increased coyote population

Douglass Township residents ask about hunting coyotes, foxes on township-owned land

Coyote activity up at Carolina North

Conservationist finds bear in kitchen having midnight snack

Game And Fish Shoots, Kills Bear

State's bear population three times higher than thought

Protesters fight plover protection methods

Don’t feed those critters

Rabid Raccoon Bites Boy in Bed

Two Rabid Skunks Found in Greenbrier County

Motorcyclist dead after hitting deer

Fairfield protesters oppose deer hunting

Infected SE Ind. elk, deer herd being destroyed

Ranchers, farmers fed up with mountain lion laws

Dogs Corner Mountain Lion in Glade Park

Park still closed after cougar attack

Squirrels Cause Flood

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A Connecticut journalist vents his ire at garden invaders in a whimsical article in our first wildlife item today; followed by the trials and tribulations of a couple of Canadians trying to build a wildlife garden outside of Ottawa, Ontario. A wildlife writer dispenses some wisdom to visitors about Texas wildlife behavior in the summertime. Reflections about the veracity of cougar sightings on a Canadian island are up next; followed by another cougar attack on a youngster that was reported in British Columbia; and the story of a 110-lb lamb that was the victim of a cougar attack in Portola, California. An environmental group will sue the Environmental Protection Agency over the presence of pesticides in polar bear food sources; but at least the polar bear custody battle that raged for months in Germany appears to have finally been settled. A sad end for a nuisance grizzly in Montana that was struck by a train; while a black bear that broke into a home and wandered into the lobby of a hotel in Glenwood, Colorado, was relocated 100 miles away. Sighting of a trio of bears elsewhere in Colorado has prompted discussion of precautions homeowners should take; followed by more details on bears shot in Utah over the weekend. Wildlife encounters seem to be increasing in the vicinity of Buffalo, New York. Even celebrities are not immune to wildlife incursions, as rocker Ozzy Osbourne found out when a coyote killed his pet; but as coyote sightings increase, residents of Independence, Ohio, are given some tips on co-existing with them. Montana and Idaho are preparing for the first gray wolf hunts in those states for years even as environmentalists promise to block them through legal action; and a look at the litigation that forced government officials to put gray wolves back on the Endangered Species list in Michigan is provided by the next article. A deer that crashed through the front window of a pizza shop in Boston, Massachusetts, had to be put down due to injuries; while a housesitter in Georgia found an uninvited guest taking a dip in the pool. A deer wandered into a toy store in Victoria, British Columbia. Another commentator, this time from Idaho, weighs in on the means of detoxing your pets (and sometimes yourself) after a skunk encounter. And finally, the next time you see a badger in the road, don't assume it's dead - it may just be drunk, as one in Germany turned out to be!

David Schiefelbein: I declare it 'Violence to Varmints Month'

Ottawa-area wildlife garden sparks complaints from neighbours

Snakes, bugs, coyotes may get closer to your home in the heat

Is legendary eastern cougar prowling Manitoulin Island?

Mother fends cougar off son in Quesnel

Mountain Lion kills 4-H lamb in Portola

Group will sue EPA over pesticides in polar bears

Pay-off ends polar bear custody battle

Train kills grizzly bear

Bear breaks into Glenwood home, hotel

Bear necessities

Bear shot and killed in Provo Canyon

Bears and Coyotes, Oh My!

Ozzy Osbourne mourns death of dog after it's eaten by a coyote

Precautions can keep coyotes from house: Independence

States ready for first open wolf hunts

Legal pressure causes gray wolves to return to endangered species list

Deer Crashes Through Pizza Shop Window

Deer Takes Dip In Buckhead Pool

Deer in downtown Victoria store was looking to graze, not browse

Skunks can be a doggone problem

Drunk badger blocks German road
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