Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Camilla Fox of Project Coyote discusses coyotes in Marin County, California, in our first wildlife news item today; while a resident of West Seattle reported a coyote in the area. A retrospective on a celebrated wolf biologist who died in a plane crash at Denali National Park is up next. A photojournalist from Alabama provides us with the story of an elderly woman who feeds a pair of raptors at her place; followed by some amazing video footage shot by a BBC video crew in Finland that proves beyond a doubt that gold eagles do hunt reindeer! Kansas wildlife officials have confirmed a cougar sighting, only the second one in over 100 years in that state; but the mayor of a town in New Zealand is requesting a ban on a possum poison that will soon be deployed in his jurisdiction. A little history lesson from Ohio questions the value of deer in modern society; while a New Jersey tuxedo shop had an unexpected window crasher! A deer reportedly went through the windshield of a vehicle in Indiana this morning, causing a bit of a backup on the highway; and with 10,000 deer-auto collisions each year, Scottish authorities are warning motorists to watch for deer during the rutting season. Tabulating over 3,000 deer-auto collisions in Mississippi in 2008, wildlife officials are cautioning motorists to be "deer aware"; but wildlife officials in New Jersey are hopeful that a series of reflectors will help keep deer off the road. Due to a hard winter in 2008, hunters in Minnesota will find fewer deer this year; while the trial of an Ohio resident who illegally shipped dear out-of-state has ended, but no date has yet been set for sentencing. Granite Bay, California, had a visit from a trio of ursine neighbors; even as wildlife officials are cautioning residents of Florida near bear areas not to feed the animals, lest they become a problem. A Canadian polar bear residing in a Scottish zoo will finally be moving to some more spacious digs this week; but raccoons in Reno, Nevada, are living up to their "bandit" appearance, as residents complain about the increasingly aggressive critters. And finally, a story from Massachusetts shows that it is possible to actually build a better mousetrap!

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