Monday, October 5, 2009


What a difference a week makes - the Queensland pensioner who had been ordered to surrender his beloved pigmy possum by wildlife authorities not only has the right to keep possums now, but these same officials are now asking him to care for another one! Protesters in Vermont are up in arms against wildlife officials trying to remove a moose from a deer preserve; even as animal rights protesters tried blocking the entrance to a Kansas Park were a deer cull is scheduled to begin soon. As deer-auto collisions increase in North Carolina, two articles offer some insight on the subject; and the danger of motorists colliding with deer in the Washington DC area is examined in the next article. A foursome of bears took shelter in two trees in a North Carolina neighborhood Sunday; but despite an increase in nuisance bear reports, provincial officials in Ontario, Canada, have indicated they will not reinstate a spring bear hunt. A Pennsylvania resident was mauled to death by her pet black bear over the weekend; and a Florida homeowner was in shock after being attacked by five raccoons in her front yard. In a follow-up to a story in Saturday's Wildlife NOTD, an article from Colorado tells how a young llama came to be on the slopes of Pike's Peak; while a mountain lion hunt in North Dakota has bagged a second cougar. A game warden from Kansas tells some tales from an interesting life in the next article. A trio of skunk stories today: an Ohio family was finally able to get rid of a family of skunks that was making their life miserable, but now it will cost them $70,000 to repair the damage; a Colorado advice columnist tells readers with a skunk infestation that the state isn't going to be much help in clearing up the problem; and an advice columnist for Michigan offers a simple solution to skunks digging up the lawn: kill the grubs they're after! A Colorado woman is sounding the alert after a coyote tried to make off with her miniature pinscher; while coyotes have began making their homes in St. Tammany Parrish, Louisiana. An Op-Ed piece from Oregon discusses the problem of wolves from a rancher's perspective. And finally, newspapers in Las Vegas, Nevada, may soon see the following ad in the classifieds: 'Wanted, home for Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, minimum care required, a bargain at $6 million!'

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