Monday, October 19, 2009


In our first wildlife story today, groves of trees in Mexico where Monarch butterflies overwinter that have been threatened by illegal logging, are now threatened by another insect: pine-boring beetles! Texas raptor enthusiasts are in their glory as migrating hawks soar through southern skies; but the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Victoria, Australia, is on the lookout for a possum killer who could be severely punished financially for killing these protected animals. A writer from Arizona takes a whimsical look at raccoon removal in that state; while residents of Ocala, Florida, have been warned of a rabid raccoon in the area. A Connecticut man who shot a bear that was raiding his bird feeder is now suing to justify his actions; but a quintet of moon bears is being moved into senior housing in China. An abundance of bears in North Carolina has prompted officials to attempt to reduce encounters between people and bruins. A cougar was spotted near an elementary school in British Columbia, Canada; while a number of reports of cougars in Minnesota have been made recently. Wyoming is considering putting a ban on antler collection due to the impact on herds of elk and deer. A Motorcyclist was killed in Michigan when he collided with a deer in the road; and a deer and motorist collided in Pennsylvania as well. Connecticut homeowners denied a deer to a bow hunter after it had died on their back porch; and as job losses increase in parts of the US, deer hunters are increasing their activity simply to put food on the table. A coyote in the road caused an auto accident in Washington state; while Massachusetts is beginning their annual coyote hunt, as the next two stories show. Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife is offering the most generous compensation for livestock killed by wolves in the western US. And finally, art imitates life in Scotland, with a play about the reintroduction of wolves into that country.

Mexico fells trees to save butterfly reserve

Annual migration of hawks can be a spectacular sight

Possum killer lurks in Keysborough

Journey into the shadowy world of raccoon removal

Rabies alert issued for NE 175th Street near NE 25th Avenue

Conn. man suing over shooting of bear

Five Aged Bears Moved to Chengdu for a Better Senior Life

Bear population booms, aim is to lessen encounters

Cougar sighting reported in Saanich

Cougar sightings leave questions unanswered

Antler frenzy leads to possible ban

Man Killed In Motorcycle Collision With Deer

Deer smashes through vehicle on Route 512 near Wind Gap

Couple to hunter: 'Leave without your dead deer'

In trying times, hunters go after deer to put food on the table

Coyote blamed for car crash south of Lake Quinault

Hunting season put coyotes in the crosshairs

State Opens War On Coyotes

Wash. offers payments for wolf kills of livestock

Wolves debate turned into a play

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