Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We lead off wildlife news today with a passel of possum stories: an Australian psychologist commented on a story about three boys torturing an opossum, opining that this could indicate a proclivity towards a life of crime; the presence of a possum habitat in Western Australia could change plans for a new hospital in the area; and a writer from Virginia offers sage advice on being kind to our marsupial friends - otherwise it could cost you a job! A new report from the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment argues that a proposed kangaroo cull in Australia's Capital Territory will increase the bushfire danger and reduce biological diversity. A children's gym in North Carolina had an unexpected guest crash through the window! Even the automobile club is getting into the act, warning motorists in the mid-Atlantic states about deer hazards this time of year; while the Florida Highway Patrol is blaming a deer in the road for a three car pile up which resulted in at least one fatality; followed by some statistics on deer-auto collisions in North Carolina, along with a few driving tips. A Minnesota Park will be closed for a deer hunt; but as deer and elk hunters begin reporting their results, Idaho Fish and Game officials indicate that the wolf population is having an impact on the elk population and behavior. A Cooper hawk that had gotten trapped in a power substation in Pennsylvania was successfully removed, then taken to a nearby wildlife rehabilitation center for evaluation. One of the hazards of hunting is underscored by an article from Minnesota in which a pheasant hunter was accidentally shot in the chest by someone who was aiming at a raccoon quarreling with the dogs. Protection for polar bear habitat is one step closer to reality as a New York Times article shows; and a pair of polar bears currently residing in Germany will be moved to France. A black bear spotted near a Florida school prompted cautions from wildlife officials to students and staff at the school. And finally, homeowners need to beware of using smoke bombs to evict raccoons under mobile homes, as a resident of Indiana and local firefighters found out the hard way!

Animal cruelty linked to disorder

Possum habitat 'no setback' for new hospital

Times are tough, but don't take it out on the marsupials

Roo cull 'will increase city's bushfire risk'

Deer Smashes Through Window Into Children's Gym

AAA issues driver safety tips for deer mating season

Deer Blamed for Area Traffic Fatality

Deer, drivers on collision course

St. Paul park to close for deer hunt

Elk and deer hunts open with success, frustration

Cooper Hawk gets stuck inside substation

Man Shot In The Chest While Hunting In Jackson County

White House Clears Habitat Protections for Polar Bear

Polar bear Flocke to move to France

Bear sighted near St. Marks school

Ind. woman trying to smoke out raccoon sets home on fire

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